Sète: they will embark on the

Sète: they will embark on the “4 L Trophy”

Romain Murat and Lucas Guichou, from the restaurant “Quai d’en face” (quai Aspirant-Herber), will take part in this solidarity journey, which will take place from February 16 to 26, 2023, between Biarritz and Marrakech.

They are in the starting blocks. Romain Murat is the chef of the restaurant “Quai d’en Face”, (formerly Nautic), a family culinary institution located at 11, quai Aspirant-Herber, next to the hotel “L’Orque Bleue”. Lucas Guichou is his second. Both have decided to participate in the “4L Trophy” raid which will take place from February 16 to 26, 2023. Departure from Biarritz, arrival in Marrakech, via Algeciras.

Meanwhile, about 6,000 km of road, between the crossing of the Pyrenees, Spain and a large part of Morocco. And this on board, therefore, of one of these good old cars of the Renault brand. In this case, the Sétois tandem has unearthed its own on the side of Lyon. Their venerable car has already made the trip twice for this same raid. Dating from 1987, it was taken care of and put back on its feet (or rather on wheels) in Saint-Jean-de-Védas by the AFPA, a structure acting as a school of mechanics and bodywork.

Humanitarian purpose

“What I like about this adventure, beyond of course the trip itself, underlines Romain, is its humanitarian aspect. The profits will indeed be donated to local associations and will make it possible to finance school supplies and non-perishable food for the benefit of the inhabitants”.

Romain and Lucas are organizing, this Friday 16, from 8 p.m., at “Quai d’en Face”, an evening to launch the operation, open to all. With the presentation of their “car” all painted in pink (the favorite color of the Arago…), under the sponsorship of Miss Sète 2022. Musicians and DJ’s (in particular Alban & Stéphan) will provide musical entertainment. Several partners will be present. Other sponsors (or individuals) will be welcome. The objective of the evening is also to restart fundraising to allow Romain and Lucas, who will convey the image of Sète and the Thau basin during this raid, not to run out of fuel in the middle of the ‘Atlas…

This Friday 16, from 8 p.m., at the Quai d’en Face restaurant, 11, quai Aspirant-Herber. Contact: 06 80 15 66 76 and on www.choulou.fr.

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