Sète: "La Palanquée" settles in its new premises, in the city center

Sète: “La Palanquée” settles in its new premises, in the city center

The citizen third place of Sète and the Thau basin is organizing an open day, this Saturday 24, at 3 bis, rue Gabriel-Péri.

This weekend will mark a high point in the young history of La Palanquée. A name referring to port unloading by hoists, as well as scuba diving teams. Until then housed in the former conservatory on rue Rouget-de-Lisle, the citizen third place of Sète and the Thau basin will indeed inaugurate its new premises, in the city center, at 3 bis, rue Gabriel -Peri.

An event for Odile Kirchner, president and co-founder, and the team of the eponymous SCIC (Cooperative society of collective interest), made up of about ten employees, including 7 full-time, under the head of Aude Vandenbrouck, the director.

A cafetaria

On this Thursday 22, on the eve of these two opening days (only the second, Saturday 24, will be open to the public), enticing smells emerge from the ground floor of the building previously occupied by the Rufflel school. Because a canteen and bar service will be provided on site, every lunchtime, from Monday to Friday, for all public. It constitutes the user-friendly aspect of the operation, smoothly carried out in two years.

Either since the advent, according to Odile Kirchner, of this project resulting from “a citizen collective. With the inhabitants of Sète and the Basin, the association Sète in common and other actors of the social and solidarity economy, we we have embarked on this adventure: to create a new living place on the territory, open to all, mixing reception and services for professionals with recreational and fun activities, spaces for exchange and conviviality, events Our objective: to welcome young people and seniors, to mix the public, old and neo-Sète or other inhabitants of the Thau basin, to encourage encounters and unlikely interactions from which new ideas and new projects come out, to give birth on the territory of new initiatives for a more ecological development and a more united living together”.

“Source d’inspiration”

Aude Vandebrouck adds: “The team and I will work to ensure that the building, which in the past housed institutions well known to the inhabitants of Sète, becomes an essential place, where everyone can find a source of inspiration and ’emulation”. Whether from the social sphere (with the Little Brothers of the Poor) to digital high-tech.

La Palanquée now extends, in this building, over two levels, i.e. over 800 m2 in total, with a patio, a Fab Lab space, offices, etc. The financing of the renovation (1.4 M€ in total) was made possible via a loan from Crédit Agricole, and subsidies from the State via its France-Relance plan, Sète Agglopôle Méditerranée, the Occitanie Region, the European fund of regional development Feder, AG2R La Mondiale.

What can we wish him, if not a… host of successes!

On the program of the inauguration

La Palanquée will welcome the public this Saturday 24 from 11 a.m. (with the official inauguration, in the presence of elected officials and public and private partners). Many presentations (by co-worker residents in particular), meetings, demonstrations, exhibitions and events will be offered throughout the day, in particular via digital creation workshops, collective collage, recovery and making of pots, games…

From 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. there will be a quiz “Digital fresco and climate fresco”. From 5:30 p.m., the evening will be hosted live and with music by Radio Muge. For more information: contact@lapalanquee.org, www.lapalanquee.org, 04 69 96 60 40.

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