Sergey Burunov voiced

Sergey Burunov voiced “Amazing Maurice”

Sunday 18 September 2022

“Turbofest” will be held in the “Glavklub”.

“High-rise building” with Denis Nikiforov will show “TV 1000. Russian cinema.”

Actress Ekaterina Tyshkevich is 28.

Actor Patrick Schwarzenegger is 29.

Therr Maitz leader Anton Belyaev is 43 years old.

Soloist of the Degrees group Roman Pashkov is 45 years old.

Actor Jason Sudeikis is 47 (pictured).

Singer Anna Netrebko is 51.

Composer and producer Alexei Vishna is 58 years old.

Producer Andrey Razin is 59 years old.

Opera singer Zurab Sotkilava (1937-2017) died 5 years ago.

Radio presenter Ruben Hakobyan (1972-2020) was born 50 years ago.

Composer Arkady Ostrovsky (1914-1967) died 55 years ago.

Actress and director Alla Pokrovskaya (1937-2019) was born 85 years ago.

September 19

Denis Prytkov will save stars from alcoholism in the TV series “Drop” on TNT.

Video blogger Amiran Sardarov is 36 years old.

Film director Maxim Sveshnikov is 37 years old.

Singer Anzhelika Nacheva is 40.

Director and screenwriter Natasha Merkulova is 43 years old.

Khamil, a member of the Kasta group, is 43 years old.

Television presenter Jimmy Fallon is 48.

Singer Vadim Kapustin is 50 years old.

Actor Andrey Noskov is 50 years old.

Saxophonist Candy Dulfer is 53.

Musician and producer Goldie is 57.

Singer Kai Metov is 58.

Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker is 59.

Twiggy is 73 years old.

Actor Jeremy Irons is 74.

Actor Boris Galkin is 75 years old.

75 years of the writer Viktor Erofeev.

Actress Vera Pashennaya (1887-1962) was born 135 years ago.

September 20

Elena Podkaminskaya will choose a father for her unborn child in the comedy “Eva, give birth!”.

Actor Yegor Abramov is 19 years old.

Rapper Moneyken is 22.

29-year-old actor Eldaru Kalimulinu.

Actress Karina Andolenko is 35.

Actor Anton Denisenko is 35.

46-year-old actor John Bernthal.

Actress Asia Argento is 47.

Singer Katya Lel is 48 years old.

Movie director Chad Stahelski is 54.

The keyboardist of the DDT group Konstantin Shumailov is 55 years old.

56-year-old guitarist Nuno Bettencourt.

Singer Andrei Derzhavin is 59.

Director Lyubov Arkus is 62 years old.

Aria guitarist Sergei Popov is 63.

Writer and screenwriter George Martin is 74.

Actress Sophia Loren is 88.

Actor Sergei Bodrov Jr. (1971-2002) died 20 years ago.

The composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) died 65 years ago.

Poet Grigory Pozhenyan (1922-2005) was born 100 years ago.

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