Second Zénith almost complete for Julien Doré

Second Zénith almost complete for Julien Doré

On March 27, Julien Doré delighted his Toulouse fans with a tender and muscular, funny and colorful show where giant animals frolicked in impressive settings.

The Zénith was then sold out with a gauge of 7,000 spectators. Rebelote on November 18, in the same configuration, because there are only a few places left for sale in the pit. Julien Doré is definitely the man of records, with great continuity in success. His current tour, however postponed because of the Covid, has already brought together 500,000 spectators. As for “Aimée”, his last album, released two years ago, it exceeded 350,000 copies, in its initial version then in a reissue with 4 unreleased tracks. To celebrate this, Julien Doré offers, only in vinyl version, the disc “Avant Aimée” which, as its name indicates, returns to the source, with memos and models of titles today in all heads like “La fever”, “Barracuda”, “We” or “Kiki”. A delightful dive into the Doré engine.

Album “Avant d’Aimée” (Columbia/Sony Music).
Julien Doré in concert at the Zénith in Toulouse on Friday 18 November at 8 p.m. Prices: from €37 to €69.

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