Science Festival 2022: film debates in Val-de-Marne

Science Festival 2022: film debates in Val-de-Marne

By Nathanaël B. Published on October 7, 2022 at 05:15

The Fête de la Science is also in the cinema! In the Val-de-Marne, many film-debate screenings will take place during the event, which takes place from October 7 to 17 throughout France.

Cinema is a great way to learn more on the world around us. Whether documentary or fictional, films on science number in the dozens and are often inspired by real scientific phenomena. This is why the science fair puts cinema in the spotlight everywhere in France, on the occasion of numerous cine-debate screenings.

In the Val-de-Marne, there are many evenings of this genre, and many feature films are to be discovered for the whole family. In addition, it’s freethis is the opportunity to take advantage of it and broaden their scientific culture. This is after all the objective of the Fête de la Science, which is held all over France from October 7 to 17, 2022.

Science Festival 2022 in Paris and Ile-de-FranceScience Festival 2022 in Paris and Ile-de-FranceScience Festival 2022 in Paris and Ile-de-France Science Festival 2022 in Paris and Ile-de-France, free and fun entertainment galore
The Science Festival returns from October 7 to 17, 2022 for its 31st edition! The principle ? A week dedicated to scientific culture through many free events throughout France. Experiences, shows, open houses, visits and multiple workshops, open to all and suitable for children, await you in the four corners of Paris and Île-de-France! [Lire la suite]

The 2022 Science Festival program

At the Le Luxy cinema in Ivry-sur-Seine

  • Birds of America : projection/rencontre
    October 10

    Artist and documentary filmmaker, Jacques Loeuille revisits the magnificent drawings of the painter John James Audubon. On the banks of the Mississippi, Birds of America films the tracks of birds, now extinct, and reveals another story of the American continent.
    Screening/meeting in the presence of researcher Benoît Fontaine, conservation biologist at CESCO, Center for Ecology and Conservation Sciences of the National Museum of Natural History. Head of the naturalist observatories of Vigie-Nature, the Museum’s participatory science program. Coordinator of the STOC program (Temporal Monitoring of Birds).
    Session offered by the Town Hall of Ivry-sur-Seine.
    Open to all public within the limit of available places!

  • Hi world!
    October 16

    Bonjour le monde, a film by Anne-Lise Koehler and Eric Serre. Made of papier-mâché, the delicate puppets come to life in stop-motion, in superb colorful settings, to tell young and old about the life of the fauna and flora of our countryside and make them aware of the preservation of nature and to the balance of ecosystems. A work where puppets, sculptures, painting and animation reinterpret nature, to make us rediscover it as we have never seen it!
    Free admission, limited seating available. Screening offered by the Town Hall of Ivry-sur-Seine
    Open and free workshop on registration: 01 72 04 64 60

At the auditorium of the media library in downtown Ivry-sur-Seine

  • Out Of Sight by Archibald Group
    October 08

    This musical creation with arctic inspirations takes us on a journey into the world of Inuit mythology. A duet concert carried by the singer-adventurer Roxane Terramorsi and the guitarist Nicolas Gardel. A musical walk in the imagination of the polar circle to discover the challenges of climate change in music!
    Open to all public within the limit of available places!

  • Screening-meeting
    October 15

    Screening-debate around the film Can mushrooms save the world? Directed by Anne Rizzo and Thomas Sipp, in the presence of Thomas Sipp and Marc-André Selosse (professor at the National Museum of Natural History).
    Meeting moderated by Guillaume Tixier (scientific journalist)

At the 3 Robespierre cinemas in Vitry-sur-Seine

  • Youth film-debate: The secret of the Perlims
    October 12

    As a preview, the Exploradôme and the 3 Robespierre Cinemas invite you to discover the film Le secret des Perlims, by Alê Abreu (director of Boy and the World). An ecological adventure from 5 years old to make the youngest aware of climate change.
    National release: January 2023
    Claé and Bruô are two secret agents from rival kingdoms, those of the Sun and the Moon, which share the Magic Forest. When the Giants threaten to engulf their world under water, the two enemies must overcome their differences and join forces. They then go in search of the Perlims, mysterious creatures who alone can save the Forest…
    The screening will be followed by a debate with the public, led by the Exploradôme and 3Cinés team.

  • Film-debate: Aya
    October 14

    The Exploradôme and the 3 Cinés Robespierre invite you to discover the multi-award winning film Aya, by Simon Coulibaly Gillard
    A documentary fiction from 10 years old, in the presence of the director
    National release: October 2022
    Lahou, Ivory Coast. Aya grows up carefree with her mother. Intimately linked to her island, the young girl sees her bearings crumble when she learns that her paradise is doomed to disappear under water. As the waves threaten her home, Aya makes a decision: Lahou is her island; she will not leave her. An initiatory path is then offered to her, a path towards her identity, a path towards herself.
    The screening will be followed by a debate with the public, moderated by the director of the film and the oceanographer Dr Diana RUIZ-PINO.

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