Sand yachting controversy: "In France, it is no longer possible to be humorous", regrets Christophe Galtier

Sand yachting controversy: “In France, it is no longer possible to be humorous”, regrets Christophe Galtier

The Paris SG coach made his mea culpa at a press conference on the evening of Tuesday, September 6 after his players’ victory against Juventus Turin in the Champions League.

Paris SG coach Christophe Galtiercriticized for having joked Monday, September 5 on the mode of travel of his team by claiming to use “sand yachting”, made his mea culpa Tuesday evening, saying he regretted “a joke which is in bad taste”.

“We are not above ground”

“Believe me that I am concerned about the problems of climate, of our planet, I know the responsibility that we have. (…) We are not above ground, we are very lucid, simply, it is a joke that comes at the wrong time, which is in bad taste, and I regret it”, pleaded the technician at the microphone of Canal + after the 2-1 victory against Juventus Turin in the Champions League.

PSG, its coach and the superstar Kylian Mbappe found themselves under fire from critics after the offhand reactions of the technician and his player, Monday at a press conference, to a question about the club’s trip by plane to Nantes, a short destination for which less polluting alternatives, such as the train, exist.

? Christophe Galtier admits that his outing on the sand yacht was “a joke in bad taste.”

? “Even though I love to be humorous, and I think it’s important to do so, I realized that it was a tasteless joke on a very sensitive subject.”

— RMC Sport (@RMCsport) September 6, 2022


“Now was not the time,” admitted Galtier. “It was a shoddy joke and not at the right time.” However, the technician defended the practices of his club, citing as an example a recent trip by road to go to Lille, and not by air. “I have players who are very careful about the climate, I have serious players, we have a club that is careful. is aware of the climate issues,” he said.

Aware of having committed his first miscommunication since his appointment this summer, Galtier (56) nevertheless said to learn from it: “I believe that in France, it is no longer possible to make humor. .. even if my joke was not great and I knew it quickly when I got home”, he concluded.

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