Roland Kaiser on gender: “You have to correct language”

He doesn’t want to become “stubborn and rigid” and is open to the topic of gender: In an interview with “t-online”, hit star Roland Kaiser advocates “correcting” the German language.

He is one of Germany’s most successful hit stars: Roland Kaiser celebrated his 70th birthday in May, but thanks to his children he still feels “curious and young”, as he revealed in an interview with “t-online”: “I learn from them to take their perspective and compare it with mine. I don’t want to become stubborn and stubborn.” Children also teach you to “take the issue of gender differently,” said Kaiser.

It is “something positive” to deal with it and to want to understand the motives: “It’s also a reasonable learning process for older people,” the hit star is sure. In the further development of language there is “a lot of tolerance and reflection”, constant adjustment is necessary: ​​“You have to correct the language. Some terms and expressions are hundreds of years old. That’s not always contemporary. A new consciousness is developing in language, and we have to face up to this development,” Kaiser explained his position.

Roland Kaiser: Is a third car in the family quality of life

He himself has always gendered, according to the hit star: “For example, I say ‘pupils’ or ‘spectators’.” He does not pause when speaking, but is open to adapting, certain things have to “still be learned”. , Kaiser explained.

Kaiser also worries about the future of his children, the efforts that have to be made to give children a world worth living in are “many”. You also have to think about what quality of life is: “Is quality of life the third car in the family or the fifth television set, or isn’t it more like clean water and clean air? That has to be defined.” For him, quality of life means above all “being healthy”: “At the same time, I always try to remind myself to act sustainably, because generations will follow.”

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In the summer there was a lot of discussion about the controversial Mallorca hit song “Layla”. In an interview, Roland Kaiser was also asked what he thought of banning song content. The pop singer has a very clear opinion on this.

With his new album “Perspectives”, Roland Kaiser has created a sensation: For the first time in more than 40 years, he is back in first place in the German album charts.

Just turned 70, fit and in the best of moods: Roland Kaiser and his “Kaiser-Mania” are well known to every hit fan, because for years the singer has been filling the Dresden Elbwiesen or the Berlin Waldbühne with thousands of listeners. He also did that in Fulda on Friday evening: the Domplatz was sold out (for a long time). Kaiser sang for two hours without a break and at the end gave the audience several encores in a great atmosphere.

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