Review: Sergey Mazaev - “O.S.M.  album number 4.  For respectable gentlemen

Review: Sergey Mazaev – “O.S.M. album number 4. For respectable gentlemen

2022, Mazay Communications

Rating: 7 out of 10.

The Sergei Mazaev Orchestra has existed since 2011 and performs mainly cover versions with pop-symphonic arrangements. The omnivorous (or, if you like, versatility) of the band is amazing: classics, Soviet pop music, arrangements of domestic rock hits – everything goes into action and is rethought at a high professional level. How did the classic say? “All genres except boring.” Sergei Mazaev’s orchestra does not let the audience get bored either in the concert hall or at corporate parties: everyone will certainly find in their repertoire not only familiar, but also favorite music.

From time to time, the Sergei Mazaev Orchestra releases its versions on records so that those who wish can enjoy their work not only in person, but also, so to speak, remotely. The abbreviation in the title of the disc is “O.S.M. album No. 4 “, obviously, stands for “Sergey Mazaev’s Orchestra”. The fourth number looks mysterious, but perhaps Sergey numbered the records taking into account the albums of the soloist of the orchestra Alena Dolbik. Many of the pieces from “No. 4” were already released in 2014 on the first album called “Sergei Mazaev’s Orchestra”, but we have nothing against listening to the cover versions of “Besame Mucho”, the theme from “Beware of the Car”, “Fast Movement” Alexander Tsfasman and especially “Storm” from “The Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi. The violinist Vanessa-Mae achieved great success in popularizing this piece, but the Sergey Mazaev Orchestra also turned out to be a virtuoso and impressive version.

From the “new products” we can distinguish the number “Zucchini 13 chairs”. “We are reanimating old works that we ourselves love very much,” Sergey Mazaev comments. True, a melody from a popular Soviet TV show will cause an influx of nostalgia only among the older generation – younger listeners have no memories of “Zucchini”. But the O.S.M. version does not stand out from the concept of the orchestra – to create a musical background for people with a claim to sophistication.

Alexey Mazhaev, InterMedia

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