PtD: Eleni Arveler stamped modern Greek culture and public life

PtD: Eleni Arveler stamped modern Greek culture and public life

The President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou referred to the invaluable contribution, the great work and the personality of Eleni Arveler, who stamped the modern Greek civilization, during her greeting at yesterday’s event of the European Cultural Center of Delphi in honor of the leading Greek Byzantine scholar.

As the President of the Republic pointed out, “Mrs. Eleni Arveler, who is leaving the position of president of the European Cultural Center of Delphi after 29 years of fruitful contribution, is a personality who stamped modern Greek culture with her work, and with the valuable the example of public life”.

At the same time, he noted that “in the almost three decades of her presidential term at the Center, very important international symposia, meetings of ancient drama, music and musicology, visual exhibitions and educational programs were implemented, such as the Ancient Greek Language and Culture Seminars or the Panhellenic student argumentative competitions. Brave and inspired, persistent and indomitable, she attracted to Delphi leading representatives of the arts, letters and politics and contributed the most to the establishment of the Center as an intellectual core with international radiation.

He also underlined that “Eleni Arveler, an eminent Byzantine scholar with a wide-ranging work, imposed her brilliance on the male-dominated French academic community and became the first female rector of the Sorbonne University” and added “A Greek woman worldwide not only for her teaching, not only for her writings, but also for her stance on the burning issues of our time. Always independent, indomitably creative, guided throughout her life by an inexorably humanitarian moral code, deeply political in the broadest sense, she embodies in the fullest way the concept of an active citizen.”

Concluding, the President of the Republic pointed out: “I appreciate her invaluable contribution to science and culture, the store of wisdom she generously shares with all of us, the excellent way in which she fertilizes the public debate, delivering lessons of European and national self-awareness.”

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