Prorata Research: The Acropolis Rally is important for the promotion of Greece

Prorata Research: The Acropolis Rally is important for the promotion of Greece

In a Prorata survey of the Acropolis Rally78% of citizens answered that it is of great importance for the promotion of Greece abroad.

The launch of EKO is expected to be impressive Acropolis Rally or otherwise “Rally of the Gods”, as the super special at OAKA is expected to offer a rich spectacle.

Overall they will “attend” 70 crews, among them all the protagonists of the WRC, while the route – completed in just 10 days – is almost 2.0 kilometers long and is technical with a total of 16 corners. Of course, there is also the bridge that allows jumping.

THE pro rata conducted research on the Acropolis Rally and its inclusion in the international calendar. The majority of respondents answered that this development is particularly important for them promotion of Greece abroadwhile the other characteristics of the research are also interesting.

The 80% of the participants in the research answered that he knows that the Acropolis Rally will take place again this year with the start being given to the Holy Rock of the Acropolis.

When asked how important it is that the Acropolis Rally is back on the World Championship schedule, the 78% considers this development positive for the promotion of the country abroad.


One 76% considers the inclusion of the Acropolis Rally in the World Championship program important for highlighting Greece’s ability to host international events.


Unlike the previous questions, however, the 46% does not consider the holding of the match important for the economic support of Greece.


The 56% of the participants in the survey, estimates that Greece will manage to maintain the Acropolis Rally in the WRC in the coming years as well.


Still, just one 34% has closely watched some of the special routes of the Acropolis Rally.


Once it 20% stated that he intends to closely monitor some of this year’s special routes.


For respondents, the special route to Bauxites is the best of all, followed by Elateia-Regini, Loutraki and Tarzan.


In relation to the repetition of the super special at OAKA, the 47% declares indifferent, while 29% are excited.


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