Presidency of LR:

Presidency of LR: “The match is not over” for Aurélien Pradié, at a meeting in Montauban

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In the race for the presidency of the Les Républicans party, the deputy for Lot, who was holding a public meeting this Thursday evening in Montauban, wants to embody “a popular right that speaks to all French people” and a new political generation that “gives ‘hope”.

Brigitte Barèges was not at the village hall of Gasseras, this Thursday evening, to welcome Aurélien Pradié, one of the three candidates for the presidency of the Republicans. Not enough to disturb the deputy of Lot who knows well that the mayor of Montauban is campaigning for Eric Ciotti, who also passed a few weeks ago in the city of Ingres. Cleverly, alongside Marie-Claude Berly, the departmental secretary of LR, he prefers to revive “the memory of the Regional campaign carried out in Montauban, a friendly and known land”.

Benjamin of the candidates, Aurélien Pradié firmly believes in his chances of winning, on December 3 and 4, this election, the stakes of which are very simple to listen to: “The Republicans are playing their survival after the presidential elections and this score 5% which represents an extremely serious alert rating. The great challenge for the Republicans is to speak to all French people again tomorrow”.

Aurélien Pradié intends to embody “a popular right capable of addressing all French people and talking about all subjects: immigration, but not with a chin, education, sustainable development, wages”.

Regarding the pension reform, the deputy of Lot “does not believe in an increase in the legal duration”. He argues for an increase in the duration of contributions. “I want to carry out a reform that tells those who started working early that they will be able to retire earlier and those who have entered the labor market later that they will have to work a little later.”

Who, tomorrow, the right will send to debate against Jordan Bardella, Mathilde Panot or Aurore Bergé? Moving on also means having new hands to turn the pages

Aurélien Pradié also highlights his experience as a local elected official (“I am the only one of the three candidates to have been mayor”) and, at 36, he feels that he has “the strength necessary to rebuild this right”, a “very tired machine”.

In a political landscape marked by the emergence of a new generation in all parties, “who, tomorrow, the right will send to debate against Jordan Bardella, Mathilde Panot or Aurore Bergé? Moving on, it is also have somewhat new hands to turn the pages”.

On the evening of his 60th campaign trip to Montauban, the Cadurcien told LR activists that “the right of solutions” that he intends to embody could rekindle hope in the Gaullist camp. Above all, facing Eric Ciotti (for a long time given as a favorite… but that was before the investigation for embezzlement of public funds targeting his ex-wife) and Bruno Retailleau, whose pessimism he does not share, Aurélien Pradié says he is convinced that ” this election is not done at all. Those who think the game is over are mistaken”.

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