PODCAST – “With scouts, warriors of peace in the Central African Republic”

► The summary of the episode:

Malo Tresca is a journalist in the religion department of the daily The cross. In August 2022, she traveled to the Central African Republic (1), where the scars of the civil war are still visible. For a week, she followed the work of Central African scouts and guides, offering many services to the population and embodying the tenuous hope of a real return to peace.

► Malo Tresca’s report alongside Central African Scouts:

Central African Republic: Scouts, warriors of peace in a war-torn country

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Chief editor: Fabienne Lemahieu. Directed by: Flavien Edenne and Clémence Maret. Production Manager: Célestine Albert-Steward. Mixing: Gabriel Fadavi. Musical creation: Emmanuel Viau. Marketing and voice manager: Laurence Szabason. Illustration: Mathieu Ughetti.

(1) Accompanying a small delegation of the Scouts and Guides of France (SGDF) – including its chaplain general, the Salesian Xavier de Verchère, and David Crépy, project director at the Don Bosco Foundation -, two partner structures of the “Bâtir peace in the CAR” set up in conjunction with Central African scouts and guides.

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