Pink and Martin Freeman are born

Pink and Martin Freeman are born

8 September 2022, Thursday

All compositions of “Na-Na” will come to the anniversary of Vladimir Lyovkin.

“Magrit” by Pavel Maykov will present “Manuscripts” in “Tons”.

Elena Lyadova will tell you, “What should a woman do if she has two lovers, but you need to choose one.”

Actor Gaten Matarazzo is 20.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is 35.

Singer Pink is 43 (pictured).

47 years old bassist of the group “Bricks” Daniil Smirnov.

51 years to actor David Arquette.

51 years to actor Vladimir Epifantsev.

51 years to actor Martin Freeman.

Film director Vadim Perelman is 59 years old.

Actress Ia Ninidze is 62.

Actress Lilia Gurova is 91.

Actor Alexander Belyavsky (1932-2012) died 10 years ago.

Cars founder Ben Orr (1947-2000) was born 75 years ago.

210 years ago, the wife of A.S. Pushkin, Natalya Goncharova (1812-1863), was born.

9th of September

Three Days of Rain will say goodbye to summer at the Summer Stage.

The TV version of “Voicing KiViN” will be shown by Channel One.

Keti Topuria, the soloist of the A-Studio group, is 36.

Actress Victoria Maslova is 37.

Actress Michelle Williams is 42.

Actress Polina Agureeva is 46.

Peter Jason, lead singer of the PM group, is 46.

Singer Michael Bublé is 47.

Yuliana Slashcheva, Chairman of the Board of the Soyuzmultfilm film studio, is 48 years old.

Actor Adam James is 50.

56-year-old actor Adam Sandler.

Actor Hugh Grant is 62.

Vadim Stepantsov, the leader of the Bakhyt-Compot group, is 62 years old.

Composer Eric Serra is 63.

Eurythmics founding member David Stewart is 70 years old.

5 years ago, the ex-director of the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, Rodion Bass (1952-2017), died.

Actor Rafael Kotanjyan (1942-2022) was born 80 years ago.

10 September

“Leningrad” will give a concert at BSA “Luzhniki”.

Leonid Margolin will celebrate his anniversary at Eldar with guests.

The Russian adaptation of the Israeli “Mermaids” will be shown by Wink and “Kinopoisk”.

Actress Vera Strokova is 37.

40 flight of ballerina Misty Copeland.

Rapper Smokey Mo is 40.

My Chemical Romance bassist Michael James Way is 42.

Actor Alexei Panin is 45 years old.

Showman Alexander Revva is 48 years old.

Actor Maxim Vitorgan is 50 years old.

Alexander Ivanov, the leader of the Naiv group, is 54 years old.

54-year-old film director Guy Ritchie.

Composer Paul Romero is 57.

62-year-old actor Colin Firth.

Movie director Chris Columbus is 64.

Violinist Sergei Ryzhenko is 66 years old.

Singer Larisa Dolina is 67.

Theater producer Leonid Roberman is 67.

Alexei “White” Belov, leader of the “Successful Acquisition” group, is 71 years old.

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is 72.

Actor Igor Kostolevsky is 74 years old.

Guitarist Jose Feliciano is 77.

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