“People are really desperate”: Expert makes clear the seriousness of the situation at “Illner”.

“People are really desperate”: consumer advocate makes the seriousness of the situation clear at “Illner”.

Who gets how much of the government’s big “double boom”? Are the 200 billion euros really a historic aid package – or ultimately just the money from the watering can? With “Maybrit Illner” there is already speculation that all this might not be enough.

Annabel Oelmann, head of the consumer advice center in Bremen, raises the alarm at “Maybrit Illner”. “People are really desperate,” she says. Some sometimes even speak of suicide. In addition to the high energy costs, interest rates are also depressing, for example for a follow-up loan for construction financing.

“We meet young families who are heavily in debt. “Many people have their backs to the wall.” It is true that many quickly bought their own home in times of historically low interest rates. It doesn’t matter if you can really afford it. Maybe this is a kind of inventory now: Have some families overreached themselves from the start? Everything sewn too close to the edge. And also that: Do you have to buy a house – literally at any price – if it is not in the budget?

“Historical sum”: Franziska Giffey does PR for the government and Scholz at Illner

“200 billion euros – is this how we slow down the crisis?” “Maybrit Illner” wants to know in Thursday’s talk. At the end of the ZDF program it is clear: the brakes don’t work that well. At the same time, Franziska Giffey, Governing Mayor of Berlin, tries to enumerate all of the government’s relief packages like a mantra. Presenter Illner has to slow her down from time to time if there are too many good words.

The 200 billion euro double boom? “A historic sum,” believes the SPD politician. “And a chance to expand.” Giffey wants to be emphasized further: “The federal government has done a lot.” The gas storage facilities are full. And in case anyone hasn’t heard it yet: “It’s a historical defense shield.” It’s good that Chancellor Scholz has such PR officers.

CDU man scolds government: “We are incredibly late”

Thorsten Frei, CDU, adjusts this for his needs. “The solution is not accurate and not fair.” It is exactly what the opposition likes to denounce everywhere these days. CDU man Frei therefore warns even more strongly: “We are now incredibly late. The government wasted three months with the gas levy.”

And the 200 billion euros? “So far they’ve only been put in the shop window!” By the way, if you haven’t noticed yet: Something “put in the shop window” is the favorite term on talk shows right now. So the new “narrative” or “momentum”.

Journalist attacks Scholz because of gas allocation: “He should have hit the table”

Gerald Traufetter is business editor at “Spiegel”. The journalist is quite critical of the 200 billion package. “The clock is running backwards very quickly.” When it came to the gas levy that has now been cleared, “the chancellor should have banged on the table. Mistakes have definitely been made.” He draws his conclusion: “Ultimately, it’s about securing social peace in the country.”

Economic expert who advises the traffic light government publicly counts the relief package

Economist Karin Pittel, head of the Ifo Center for Energy, Climate and Resources, is initially calm. When it comes to distributing the thick package, she still has to hold back on television. Because: She also advises the traffic light government as part of a commission.

“The fact that this figure of 200 billion was mentioned was reassuring,” she says, but qualifies. “Will the 200 billion be enough?” And suggests that it is not expedient to grant everyone in Germany equal relief.

You yourself have just received 300 euros “relief”. And wants to donate this money promptly. According to Pittel, that is the problem. Some people now receive support that they do not need at all. With the result: “Then you subsidize the rich villa owner with his pool.”

“The energy supply is secured”: Giffey makes promises to Illner

How is it going now? “It means a national effort to save economic output,” says SPD politician Giffey. So far, however, not much of it can be seen. “The energy supply is secured,” Giffey asserts with “Maybrit Illner” with strong conviction. Really now? So à la Blüm with the pension? Then we don’t have to worry. But to be on the safe side, it’s better to start knitting.

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