Patrick Sébastien delivered to the readers of Midi Libre his "message of love" in a casual way

Patrick Sébastien delivered to the readers of Midi Libre his “message of love” in a casual way

The host, comedian, impersonator, singer and actor Patrick Sébastien was on Monday at the premises of Midi Libre for a rare and privileged moment of meeting with our readers. As usual, he gave himself up straight and straight, and casually, of course, there is something to eat and drink.

Patrick Sébastien is at home everywhere. Inevitably, since the time he hits the inlay, the chat, the bell and bars of laughter in our living rooms through the small skylight. Not far from half a century! And when the good weather comes, we make infidelities at the post, he is also there, on the podiums of our holidays to turn the towels and the sad-sires crazy. He is at home everywhere. But probably a little more in our region.

On Monday, the host, comedian, impersonator, singer, actor, writer and producer (yes, all that) was at the headquarters of the Midi Libre newspaper for an exceptional meeting with around forty readers and subscribers, too happy to meet the star. “I too am happy to see myself,” he told them when he arrived, royal, big smile, silver mane, before removing his jacket with the programmatic slogan: “I’m the king of my life”.

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And to launch as if the injunction was of any use to him: “We’re going to get comfortable, huh?” Patrick Sébastien is not at home, he is at home, we tell you. A coffee, thank you, the sweets unsheathed, hop, from his revolver pocket, and off we go for an hour and a half to carve the steak casually. As he says it all, what’s on his heart like what’s left on his stomach, it goes a little in all directions: there’s a lot of common sense, a little misinterpretation, and upside down that he, an uninhibited libertine, would probably write differently.

Patrick Sébastien the déconneur is wise

Thus, of the three ordeals he went through recently, his “disgusting” eviction from France televisions, his separation “on good terms” with his partner and a “little family cancer” (of the kidney), does he not complain . “I am convinced that things are written, it is not worth fighting against the inevitable because anyway, it will happen. Once you understand that, you do not waste your time irritate against fate, you dedicate it to resist, and to live”, explains the humorist who has just published a book which does not say anything else, Live and be reborn every day (XO).

“My mother taught me the difference between revenge and revenge. The first is to hurt the person who hurt you, but it degrades you, it lowers you to his level. Conversely , revenge is to use the harm that has been done to you to do you good. My book is the expression of this: I did not take revenge on either one or the other, instead I took created and last week I was number one in sales”. And the déconneur to discover himself wise, in his own way: “To the filth, you have to respond with a benefit. Today I’m in this, I’m appeased.”

This does not prevent having a look let’s say, to use a word that would make him laugh, circumspect vis-à-vis the time: “I’m like Delon, I don’t like this time… Damn, what did we have fun between 1970 and 1980, we were free. Today, you are policed ​​non-stop. Regarding, for example, the relationship with women, he says to himself “one thousand percent for #MeToo, to denounce the bastards. But not all men are bastards, it annoys me this generalized suspicion!” And to strike: “I will perhaps disappoint the women but we do not want to jump them all”. Before proclaiming: “I am a real feminist. I have always done everything to make my companions happy outside of me, and the more they were, the more I was”.

The question is not “Can we laugh at everything?” but “Should we laugh at everything?”

As for knowing if one can laugh at everything, he considers the ill-formulated question: “Laughter is a reflex, it’s as if you were asking if one could be cold or hungry. The real question is “Should we laugh at everything? Well, it depends with whom. The evening of my son’s death on a motorbike on the Grand-Travers road, my secretary said to me, “I’m sorry, but your son imitated Coluche better than you” He could, and that was what you had to tell me at the time… But we don’t all laugh at the same thing, and what we have the right to laugh about or not, it’s totally stupid. The prohibitions annoy me. But today, you have to be careful.

This is not necessarily what he does when he reiterates his questioning about the possibility of a link between his vaccination against covid-19, and the prediabetes and prostatitis that he was subsequently diagnosed with, nor when he suspects the media catastrophism deliberately maintained to silence anger. But in truth, he is much more convincing when he delivers his “message of love”. Love of artists that he never tires of unearthing (he unearthed some great ones for his new Cabaret, I promise). Love of the public to which he always wanted to offer the best. Love of friends, good food and just the flesh because otherwise what’s the point. And to finally quote his hero, his master, his friend Frédéric Dard, inviting us to think about it because it is the key to true happiness, to shared happiness: “If I had known that I loved him so much, I would have liked it more!”

Patrick Sébastion is currently in bookstores with Vivre et reborn each (XO editions, 331 pages, €19.90). He returns with the show “Le plus grand cabaret du monde” Season 2 on January 20, 2023 at the Zénith Sud in Montpellier and on January 26, 2023 at the Narbonne Arena.

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