Onet-le-Chateau.  Neighbors Day rocked Square Stegaurach on Wednesday evening

Onet-le-Chateau. Neighbors Day rocked Square Stegaurach on Wednesday evening

For a first, it was a masterstroke” seems to tell us the Square Stegaurach at the end of this very beautiful evening of conviviality, which is unequivocally confirmed by Jeanne and the entire MJC team “The neighbors’ party was the pretext and the obvious thing for us was to co-organize this event with the Capucines residence and the Patio-social center, our neighbors around the square: there was music, games, sweet and savory dishes brought by the participants, the last rays of a complicit sun and above all a lot of people, we can only be satisfied!”. As for the Capucines residence (AJGR), the enthusiasm was just as strong, which is summed up by Benjamin, Lucas, Sébastien and Anne, delighted to see so many people “A real colorful melting-pot, which honored interculturality and intergenerational. We were able to share around culinary habits, languages, music… For our audience who does not have too much used to mingling with the life of the neighborhood, it was a great evening of sharing…”. As for the Patio-social center “It’s a great continuity of all the activities that were offered during the summer and it would be a very good thing to continue throughout the year, this kind of meetings, on other themes…” will conclude Emilie, Sylvie, Lino and Séverine.

This neighbours’ party, it will be understood, will have opened up beautiful prospects for multiplying it and so that “living well together” takes on its full meaning…

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