Ombrophobia, keraunophobia, astraphobia... You are terrified of thunderstorms, tell us

Ombrophobia, keraunophobia, astraphobia… You are terrified of thunderstorms, tell us

You had two horrible days, due to bad weather because you have a phobia of thunderstorms? Midi Libre is looking for testimonies from people suffering from this fear.

Lightning streaking the sky, lightning cracking and thunder roaring, under an incessant rain. If this setting sounds like your worst nightmare, you may be suffering from ombrophobia, astraphobia or even keraunophobia.

In anticipation of an article devoted to the fear of thunderstorms, a recurring and sometimes particularly violent phenomenon in our region, subject to episodes in the Cévennes and the Mediterranean, we are looking for testimonies from people who are very afraid of thunderstorms.

tell us

If you recognize yourself in this description, you can write to us at telling us about how you experienced the recent bad weather and telling us about the origin of this phobia, if you know it.

Please specify “Thunderstorm phobia” in the subject of the email and give us your name and your department or municipality of residence.

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