Not an option in Germany: McDonald's is offering “Qatar burgers” for the World Cup

Not an option in Germany: McDonald’s is offering “Qatar burgers” for the World Cup

Not an option in Germany
McDonald’s is offering Qatar burgers for the World Cup

Special products for the World Cup are advertised on the official website of the Brazilian fast food group. Including a special burger creation called “McCatar”. Why there will be such a burger in South America but not in Germany.

It is quite normal for the great advertising madness to break out before major sporting events such as a soccer World Cup. Marketing products and services under the “Fifa World Cup” brand is and will remain big business – even with a controversial World Cup in Qatar. Many corporations have entered into long-term partnerships with FIFA for this purpose, such as Hyundai, Adidas, Coca Cola or the fast-food giant McDonald’s.

The latter group has now come up with a very special World Cup campaign to give football fans a “foretaste” of the tournament in Qatar. For a few days now, McDonald’s burger stands in Brazil have been selling special burger creations under the Fifa World Cup brand, which are intended to taste like different football nations at this year’s World Cup. In addition to a “McBrasil”, a “McArgentina” or a “McGermany” there is also a “McCatar” (“McKatar”) on the menu board of the Brazilian McDonald’s branches. The “Germany burger” is topped with beef, salami, mustard and onions, while the “Qatar burger” has a special Arabian sauce to get you in the mood for the World Cup in Qatar.

A spokesman for McDonald’s Germany confirmed to our editorial team that there are no plans to launch such a “Qatar burger” on the German market. This would probably be more than surprising, since the obvious abuses in the authoritarian Gulf monarchy would probably trigger a series of protests if such a “Qatar burger” were to be bought in Germany. After all, the image of the desert state has been more than scratched due to the poor human rights situation or the exploitations on the World Cup construction sites.

But why is there such a burger in Brazil? This could be related to the fact that South America is looking at the upcoming World Cup in Qatar from a different perspective. Instead of boycott demands and a critical mood, there is much greater anticipation for the upcoming tournament – also in advertising and the media.

In addition, Brazil and Argentina are considered top favorites for the world title. As was the case at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, countless South American fans will probably travel to Qatar this year without hesitation. And since such special World Cup burgers have been offered in the Brazilian McDonald’s branches since the 2002 World Cup and the promotions have always been very popular there, there was no reason why this marketing recipe for success should be changed.

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