Nomad Raid: Mélaine and Rémi Valade on their way to the Moroccan desert

Nomad Raid: Mélaine and Rémi Valade on their way to the Moroccan desert

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humanitarian. The young crew from Causse-et-Diège is preparing to take part in the Nomad Raid next February in Morocco. A solidarity road trip of more than 4,000 km at the wheel of a Peugeot 205, the objective of which is to transport school supplies, hygiene products, bicycles or other toys to isolated villages in the desert.

It is an adventure that will be remembered for a long time. We are going to meet people from different backgrounds, meet people from there, discover their culture… And also push our limits, stepping out of our comfort zone. And then, we have been immersed in motor sports since our youngest age. It was an opportunity to combine humanitarian work and a passion”. A few months before the big departure, Mélaine Valade and her brother Rémi are already impatient to embark on this great solidarity adventure. “We were both available at this time and we did not take long to decide. This kind of adventure has always attracted us. We said to ourselves, it’s now or never” specifies the eldest of the siblings.

The Nomad Raid is the latest adventure raid in Morocco. Like the renowned 4L Trophy, the objective pursued is the same, namely to take advantage of a cultural and touristic road trip in the heart of Morocco while providing assistance to the poorest populations. But unlike its “cousin”, the Nomad Raid excludes any notion of speed and competition: “It’s not quite the same format. There, there is no stopwatch and we were looking for something smaller, more humanitarian. We will be a hundred crews while the 4L Trophy welcomes nearly 1,800 every year… The departure is done in groups, and we will share this moment with all those who will participate, young and old alike, because there is no age limit. Another notable difference, the car used will be a 205, and not a 4L. “We still have a few mechanical repairs to do, a little interior fittings and exterior decoration. But there are no special problems. We learn on the job, we are lucky to have our father who helps us a lot.”

4,000 km in the heart of Moroccan lands

The departure will take place on February 12 from Hondarribia in the Basque Country. Then on the menu for the crew, “les Val’drouilleurs”, – a nod to their name and their state of mind –, the crossing of Spain and more than 4,000 km in the heart of Morocco : “A whole circuit is planned. The Atlas, the desert, stops in several villages… We will sleep in a bivouac in the evening, with an arrival scheduled for February 23 in Marrakech. One thing is certain, a beautiful journey awaits us.” On the spot, the crew will distribute to the isolated villagers all the material collected upstream, two bicycles (in particular to allow children living in the desert to go to school), but also toys, school supplies or other educational products. ‘hygiene. A great adventure which has a cost (budget of €7,500), and which needs to be supported by everyone (see box above). In the meantime, the siblings are eager to engage in this humanitarian raid. What’s more, in a country that is dear to them, where their grandfather spent his first fifteen years, and which they have already had the opportunity to visit with their family. “It will happen quickly. We are really very happy to embark on this adventure and we can’t wait to bring a little happiness to the inhabitants of Morocco.”

The countdown begins.

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