Nickelback Announce Tenth Album, Release Prison Break Single

Nickelback Announce Tenth Album, Release Prison Break Single


– It’s not the first time. In the 1990s, a well-known announcer, news program host, Bella Shakhova, announced on the air of the Arkhangelsk television that I was gone. Other media immediately picked up this information. And I was on tour and didn’t know about it. Then I read an obituary about myself and laughed. Shakhova, of course, apologized at the meeting. But then there were no mobile phones and the Internet. It was difficult to verify the information. Now is a different time – there are social networks, other resources where the phone numbers of concert directors are published, there are phones of other people who work with me and know what is happening. Call to find out. After the first announcement of my death, everything in my life turned out well. I hope it will be the same this time. And to everyone who buries me, I want to say: “Don’t wait.” Come September 8 to my anniversary concert “Levkin – 55” and make sure that Levkin is alive. There I will have a blast.


– There will be many premieres. I wrote several songs specially for the concert. Composers Andrei Balashov, Igor Kornilov and poets Vladimir Baranov, Vladimir Ilyichev wrote gorgeous songs for me. I had an idea to gather everyone with whom I have worked all these years – musicians, composers, poets. Based on who is in Moscow, who can, and invited guests, among them: Valera Yurin, Alexander Zaporozhets, Valera Taratunin, Pasha Sokolov, Marina Khlebnikova, Utah, Igor Kornilov, Sasha Skrip, one of the best classical guitarists Dmitry Murin, Igor Talkov Jr., Cuban friends, the Shukher Brothers, students of the Golos’OK production center, where I work as a co-producer, and, of course, my girls: daughter Nika and wife Marusya. Unfortunately, many are no longer with us, whom I would like to invite … There are many songs, if I started singing everything that I sang over these 40 years, the concert would stretch for 30 hours. No one sits out that long (laughs).


– This year is my 40th anniversary of creative activity. And this is not counting the music school, where I went at the age of six (earlier than the general education). I received my first money for a performance at the age of 15 in a Moscow restaurant, where I had to replace the guitarist. I remember that they gave me a “talmud” with notes and told me to play according to it. And then some visitor asked for a song that was not in this collection with notes and lyrics. And the keyboard player told me: “Take A-flat”, you can’t go wrong.” That is, immediately into the pool with his head. For that performance I received 30 rubles. Can you imagine? In one evening! It was crazy money. Then, conditionally, it was possible to get from Teply Stan to Sheremetyevo Airport for 1.20 rubles. by taxi.


– You know Bari Karimovich. He either allows or forbids. He has seven Fridays in a day. This year he also celebrated his 75th birthday. If, as promised, he comes with the police, I will gladly congratulate him right from the stage. Let him come and see how Nika Lyovkina, whom he called his granddaughter, works on stage. I am an open person and I am always for people to be friends with each other, to enjoy life.


– The songs “Na-Na” are sung by the group “Na-Na”. I have been performing solo for over 20 years. I have a lot of my songs, there is something to sing. It happens that at charity concerts, for example, for our military, they ask for the songs “Na-Na” … Recently, by the way, I performed in the Belgorod region at a military base. When our Ministry of Defense turns to me with a request to support our servicemen, it is an honor for me, since my dad was a military man. I performed at Russian military bases in Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia. It’s so nice when after the concert guys come up with their eyes shining and say: “Thank you for being with us, together with the people.” It costs a lot. Bari Karimovich once every five years, when I have anniversary concerts, begins to forbid me everything. Alibasov is my teacher. Therefore, I take his threats calmly. That is, when cover bands perform the repertoire of the Na-Na group, as they want, with any arrangement, Alibasov is not embarrassed, but when I sing these songs for our military for free, does it piss him off?


– The daughter sang almost at six months. She snatched the microphone from Marusya’s hands and began to mumble exactly to the notes. I once recorded a couple of songs with my friend Marusya. And my wife asked me: “Why don’t you want to record anything with me?” I told her: “Let’s try. Get up at the microphone and sing.” For many, it is still the discovery that we sing together, although our program “For Three” is in great demand – Nika sings children’s songs, my wife and I are about love, family. In June of this year, the three of us performed at the 13th International Festival “Golden Khokhloma” in the city of Semyonov. Due to the pandemic, it was not held for two years. And this year was an unreal atmosphere! In the autumn we will finally release a family album. It is very interesting how the listeners will perceive it.


– If you sit on the couch at home, then nothing will come back. And if you tear off the fifth point and work with administrators, distributors, then concerts appear. I’m interested in moving on, not standing still. A big anniversary concert in Moscow with guests, filming, renting a hall is an expensive pleasure and very troublesome. But we will please the viewer and film our musical celebration, so that later we can show it to those who did not get to it.

(Vladimir Polupanov, AIF, 09/07/2022)

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