“New Caesar guns” for Ukraine: Macron confirms the next arms supply to kyiv

Despite Putin’s threats, Paris wants to continue helping kyiv. France is considering sending new Caesar guns, the centerpiece of French artillery, to Ukraine, which has been trying for more than seven months to push the Russian army out of its territory, President Emmanuel Macron announced on Thursday. “We are working on several requests, with several member states of the European Union, in particular on new Caesars,” he said during a press conference after the first meeting of the Political Community. European in Prague.

Since the beginning of the conflict, France has provided 18 Caesar guns of 155 mm with a range of 40 km, mounted on trucks, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, forward armored vehicles, fuel, individual equipment and fifteen 155 mm TRF1 towed guns to Ukraine.

“We will continue to support Ukraine”

Paris now plans to provide kyiv with six to 12 additional Caesar guns, taken from an order for Denmark, said a source familiar with the matter. France is also studying the possibility of delivering 20 Bastion armored vehicles to kyiv.

The Twenty-Seven “will discuss these subjects, on a few mechanisms” on Friday at an informal EU summit in Prague, said the French president, adding that he would come back to them in more detail during a press conference. at the end of the meeting.

“We will continue to support Ukraine from a financial point of view, from a humanitarian point of view and from a military point of view,” he insisted. “This aid will continue to be aid in terms of equipment and training in line with what we have been doing for several months,” he said. “We continue to move forward on the basis of the requests that are made and to coordinate very closely between members of the European Union and non-members of the EU”, he added in reference to the United Kingdom.

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