Nej', the new R'N'B sensation, is from Toulouse

Nej’, the new R’N’B sensation, is from Toulouse

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She became known for two songs: “Colombe” and “Paro”. The Toulousaine Nej’ releases a new EP, “SOS chapter 3” i Friday, November 25th.

Nej’ is the diminutive of Najoua (pronounced Nejoua), the real first name, of Moroccan origin, of a singer who will be talked about a lot. Because the young woman, born in Toulouse in 1993, is one of the revelations of the R’N’B planet. In an environment as competitive as rap, Nej’ has managed to find a place in the sun after ten years of a bitter fight.
In 2014, there was a thrill thanks to his duet with Mister You on “Emmène Moi”. In 2016, the singer released a remix of “Validée” by Booba, recorded at 5 a.m. and posted online at 6 p.m. the same day. Hundreds of thousands of views. His first success.

The “Dove” flies away

After numerous featurings for major artists (Naps, Lartiste, Vegedream, etc.) Nej’ released his first album in 2019, “Enchantée”, which did not really create the expected buzz. The consecration finally arrives in 2021 with “Colombe” and “Paro”, two ultra-streamed titles all over the world.
Three EPs later, Nej released “SOS chapter 3”, a collection of 10 songs that held up pretty well and had everything to seduce R’N’B fans and especially young girls who saw the singer as a big sister. comforting.
Alternating ballads and dancing pieces, the disc has the great merit of not abusing autotune, this scourge that transforms the most beautiful voices into robotic organs. Nej’s voice is well put forward and the arrangements do not add to the pomposity. Which gives some potential hits like “Irreel”, “You + me” (in duet with Franglish) or “Inta Habibi”, a very nice way of linking French and Arabic in a frenzied dance.

EP “SOS chapter 3” (Miel Noir/Believe, released Friday November 25).

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