National Council for Refoundation: reforms, consultations... we tell you everything about this Thursday's political meeting

National Council for Refoundation: reforms, consultations… we tell you everything about this Thursday’s political meeting

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Emmanuel Macron will launch, tomorrow morning in Marcoussis, the National Council for Refoundation. This body, which brings together government, unions and local elected officials, should allow for in-depth reform.

The discussion dragged on that day on the examination of the finance bill which will occupy the return to parliament at the end of September… The minister, barely tanned by the summer sun, smiled “I would not bury the possibility to pass it without 49.3”. Jumping from rooster to donkey, a guest asks him about the National Council for Refoundation which is to take place tomorrow Thursday, the Minister yells with laughter: “I wouldn’t bury that either”. A sort of epitaph before its time. This is to say if, even within the macronie, the idea does not make recipe. But the Élysée believes in it, hard as iron. And the President intends, during his introductory speech tomorrow, to put all the force of his convictions into it.

What will this advice be used for?

Launched before the legislative elections, these Estates General were intended to allow the President of the Republic, the day after the presidential election, to show that he now intended to involve all the political forces in his reflections and the reforms to be undertaken. “He then made this announcement in the regional daily press because he thinks that the solutions must be available at the territorial level, that’s where we have to build,” explained the Elysée yesterday.

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But a few weeks later and the advent of a heterogeneous National Assembly, the CNR seems much less appropriate in the eyes of the oppositions who refused to participate. On the other hand, the tenant of the Élysée has succeeded, in recent weeks, in convincing the CFDT and the associations of local elected officials not to turn their backs on him. François Bayrou finds himself, for his part, in charge of coordination. All will therefore be present tomorrow in Marcoussis.

How will this council be organized?

The day will therefore begin with an introductory speech by the Head of State, then three topics of debate will be broken down: the battle for the climate, equal opportunities and the sovereignty of the country. Finally, an exchange will take place between all the participants. They will be around 50 around the table. “They will then share lunch because we know that it is during these moments that we build”, explained, yesterday, the Elysée. At the end of the day, major work themes will be identified as well as the way to decline them at the territorial level. No timetable has yet been set for the rest, but the Head of State has indicated that he wants the territorial meetings to be set up before the end of September.

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“With regard to the school, for example, it will be necessary to go down to the level of the establishments and associate the heads of establishments, the teachers, the parents of pupils but also the local elected officials in the debates to find the most appropriate solutions. “Explains the Elysée, which adds:” on health, consultations will be carried out in the living areas. The appointments will be scattered throughout the winter. “What characterizes CNR is the desire to register this approach over time”, assures the Elysée, which adds: the consultation “will always be open to those who did not want to come this Thursday”, alluding to the various political parties but also to the President of the Senate who recently declined the invitation.

What will be the use of the decisions that will be made there?

The decisions that will be taken at the end of these numerous debates, which may also include ordinary citizens, will then be validated by the decision-making bodies: general councils for some, town halls for others, National Assembly, finally, for what concerns of the law. “We do not take anything away from everyone’s prerogatives”, wishes to reassure the Elysée, adding “what is certain is that if we do not work together, we will not be able to provide an answer” at the height of the challenges.

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