NASA technology charges electric cars in five minutes

NASA technology charges electric cars in five minutes

In recent years, both car manufacturers and research groups around the world have thrown themselves into the battle of developing technologies and methods that will provide a solution to the two main disadvantages of electric cars, range and charging time. In both of these areas, progress is constantly being made.

Electric cars are being created that can travel over 500 km on a single charge, while methods have also appeared that have significantly reduced charging time compared to the recent past. There are charging technologies that fill electric vehicle batteries in about 20 minutes at charging stations, since charging times are still long in homes. But consumers seem to be uncomfortable with even 20 minutes of charging and continue to choose conventional vehicles.

Researchers at Perdue University in the US decided to experiment with a technology developed by NASA for use on the International Space Station. This is a cooling system called the Flow Boiling Module that reduces the amount of heat that travels through the cables. Researchers have built a cable that they say can charge an electric car in just five minutes. This is certainly an impressive development and if this cable proves to be functional and safe it could set new standards in the electric car industry.

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