Multiple myeloma: Gerasimos Skiadaresis ambassador of the "Together for life" campaign

Multiple myeloma: Gerasimos Skiadaresis ambassador of the “Together for life” campaign

Sanofi Greece presents the Multiple Myeloma awareness campaign, “Together in Life”.

“The diagnosis was Multiple myeloma… I was hearing it for the first time. It was scary for me and my family… The support of my family environment was very important.” The information gap about this disease is reflected in the words of a patient with Multiple Myeloma. At the same time, the heavy burden on patients and their loved ones can be seen.

In an attempt to help fill this gap and offer substantial support to patients, the pharmaceutical company Sanofi Greece is implementing the Multiple Myeloma awareness campaign entitled “Together in Life”. The campaign, which is supported as an ambassador by the well-known actor Gerasimos Skiadaresis, is carried out in collaboration with the “K.E.F.I.” Association of Volunteer Cancer Patients Friends of Doctors. Athens.

Although Multiple Myeloma is the second in frequency hematologic malignancy worldwide, remains a disease unknown to the general public. Therefore, most affected people do not recognize the symptoms in time and receive a delayed diagnosis, reducing the chances of long-term survival. In this context, the campaign aims to inform the public about the disease by exposing it “silent” profile and emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis. At the same time, it seeks to offer essential support to patients and their caregivers, overturning discouraging stereotypes surrounding the disease and documenting hopes for a quality life, highlighting the spectacular advances in treatment.

The main vehicle of the campaign is the short documentary “Multiple Myeloma – Together in Life”, which is available on the website of Sanofi Greece ( and was shown during a press conference on Thursday (22/09/2022 ). The film captures the multifaceted impact of the disease through the personal testimonies four people: a patient, a patient’s wife/caregiver, a hematologist and a psychologist. The narrator is Gerasimos Skiadaresis.

“Multiple Myeloma is a complex disease, with significant challenges in its treatment, which is why research in this field is one of our main priorities at Sanofi. At the same time, we seek to contribute to raising awareness and informing the public through the “Together in life” campaign, supporting the early diagnosis of the disease” said Eugenia LioniCommunication Head Greece & Cyprus & Communication BP Specialty Care Central & South Europe.

On his part, Mr Gerasimos Skiadares, as an ambassador for the campaign, sensitively addressed the burden of the disease, recognizing the physical and mental fortitude shown by patients and their caregivers in their daily battle against the disease. “My participation in the campaign convinced me of the undeniable value of information. I listened to the anguish of patients and caregivers through their honest accounts and shared with them the hope created by the spectacular advances in science in this field,” he said.

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