У Коваленко и Туюнчекова конфисковали более 12 миллионов рублей

More than 12 million rubles confiscated from Kovalenko and Tuyunchekov

The decisions of the courts on the transfer of more than 12 million rubles and vehicles of former civil servants from the Altai Republic to the state revenue were executed. This was reported by the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation for Siberia.

In the first half of 2022, the courts of the region issued decisions on the transfer of money and vehicles to the state in the amount of 13,984,150 rubles in connection with the proof of a discrepancy between expenses and the income of the regional ex-Minister of Health Sergei Kovalenko and his former assistant Rustam Tuyunchekov.

In particular, the court ruled that Tuyunchekov’s two vehicles worth more than 1.9 million rubles, registered to third parties, as well as cash in excess of 6.1 million rubles found in his apartment and the apartment of a close relative of his spouses.

And in Maima, the court ruled that more than 5.8 million rubles, found during a search at the place of residence of Sergei Kovalenko, be turned into state revenue, the legality of the sources of which he could not confirm.

Currently, court decisions have been executed, the bailiff service has transferred more than 12 million rubles to the state. On October 4, vehicles were transferred for sale to the Interregional Territorial Administration of the Federal Agency for State Property Management in the Altai Territory and the Republic of Altai.

Meanwhile, the city court continues to consider criminal cases against the former Minister of Health of the Republic of Altai and his assistant on the facts of taking bribes, and five commercial organizations have been fined 31.5 million rubles for giving them bribes. The heads of these enterprises have also been brought to criminal responsibility.

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