Montpellier: the Z Event returns for its seventh and, perhaps, final edition

Montpellier: the Z Event returns for its seventh and, perhaps, final edition

50 hours of live, sixty streamers, prestigious guests… The Z Event 2022 is back with great fanfare.

A seventh edition that gets off to a flying start. This year, the Z Event returns earlier than usual (from Friday September 9 to Sunday September 11) and with a major opening. A concert at the Zénith Sud, this Thursday, September 8 at 7:30 p.m., with Bigflo and Oli, Soprano and Berywam as headliners. “We got there early this year to organize the eventsays Adrien Nougaret, alias ZeratoR, co-organizer. It was necessary, to manage the concert, the artists, the streamers, the room and the animations.

50 hours of streaming, a challenge that gaming enthusiasts and industry professionals are ready to take up during this charity weekend, always on the same principle: a place unknown to the general public, live entertainment and distinguished guests . Especially since many new features have been added to this edition. It must be said that Adrien Nougaret and Alexandre Dachary did not skimp on the programming. Highlight of this charity weekend, the presence of Alain Chabat, who will co-host “Questions for a Streamer” with Stars, live on Twitch Saturday at 8 p.m.

“To think that a personality like Alain Chabat has heard of our actions, and is ready to come and play the game with us, is gratifying.” Animations that supplement the sixty professional and passionate streamers involved in the event. “Each year, we make a mix between our friends, the new ones and those who make the news on the platformsays ZeratoR. This weekend we still have big streamers, like Domingo, Antoine Daniel or Ponce.”

The million by association

Because, if the years pass, the objective remains the same: to constitute the most beautiful kitty for the associations selected. For this edition, five organizations have been selected by the Z Event community. “More than 150,000 people voted on the networks. Of the five, four are businesses and will therefore receive a fair share of the prize pool. The fifth is a business and will therefore only benefit from the coverage of the event”.

And when it comes to the money raised, the streamer isn’t worried. “90% of streamers who made big prize pools last year will be there.” After the record ten million euros for Action Against Hunger in 2021, ZeratoR and his team have not set themselves a specific objective. “If we can already make a million by association, that would be great. Even if the event has taken on an unimaginable scale, I tell myself that one euro won thanks to the Z Event is still worth it. It may be a little naive, but that’s how I see it.”

The organizers still hope to mark the occasion again, for this last Z Event in this format. “We need to renew ourselves, to do new things. Our world is constantly changing, we have to follow the movement and offer a different event.”

The environment at the heart of the marathon

This year, five organizations fighting for the protection of the environment were chosen by the spectators and other participants. A theme that ran through the minds of the organizers since the creation of the event. “From the start, we had this idea of ​​offering the kitty to an association committed to the environment.says ZeratoR. But it’s a fairly divisive theme, people don’t agree on the solutions to consider, so we were expecting the biggest Z Event. As we are changing format next year, it was obvious for this seventh edition.” The five organizations, Sea Shepherd, League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Time for the Planet and The Sea Cleaners, were selected from among twenty proposals. “They are all very active in their field, we have a good contact. We are very happy to collect donations for them this weekend.”

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