Mike Tyson said Anthony Joshua needs to stop 'telegraphing' his punches against Tyson Fury

Mike Tyson said Anthony Joshua needs to stop ‘telegraphing’ his punches against Tyson Fury

Dafter the new fight between Tyson Fury y Anthony Joshua by the end of this year, we remember the words of the former heavyweight champion, Mike Tysonwho said that Fury has advantage over Anthony Joshua.

Tyson I spoke several months ago in the podcast de la BBC de Eddie Hearn “No Passion, No Point” and said that the flaws of Anthony Joshua could be the key to victory Tyson Fury.

“It’s very interesting. Joshua He is a master striker. But you can see the blows coming from him, telegraph his blows.”

The former champion would then say that the movements of Joshua are just a recipe for disaster, because when you fight someone like FuryAt 6-foot-7, announcing your punches too much can be very dangerous.

Mike Tyson defended the heavyweight division

After that Tyson Fury I defeated Diontae Wilder in a third fight itches, the former boxer Mike Tyson He added that the heavyweight division is full of great fighters and said that anyone who disagrees is jealous.

Tyson [Fury] can fight against Wilder again and I like to see guys fight each other over and over again, if they’re exciting fighters.”

Then he went on to praise Diontae Wilderacknowledging that although he made some mistakes during the fight, fans still want to see the pair fight again and that’s what it’s all about.

“Tyson Fury is a fan fighter. The fans are in love with him, now he has the drive,” Tyson explained.

From the words of Mike Tyson we can infer that this is why Fury can set the conditions of the fight and take a greater part of the profits.

“In England, Anthony Joshua is a big thing. But Tyson Fury now has the people, he has the masses. They follow him like he’s a mess.”

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