Member of the Bundestag in Ukraine: Old Soviet tanks are not even close to Leopard 2

Member of the Bundestag in Ukraine: Old Soviet tanks are not even close to Leopard 2

With the help of modern German Leopard 2 tanks, the Armed Forces of Ukraine could successfully conduct a counteroffensive at key points of the front, said Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, head of the Bundestag Defense Committee, who is visiting Ukraine. She spoke about this in an interview with ZDF.

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The Bundestag deputy visited the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the Gostomel airfield, where, as she told the channel, she talked with the military and found out what equipment and weapons the Defense Forces lack.

One of Ukraine’s problems, she said, is that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have lost a lot of tanks at the front, and while the Ukrainians are “very, very grateful” for the supply of weapons from Germany, they hope for more – “especially when it comes to ammunition and other equipment. “.

Answering the question whether she wants to put pressure on Chancellor Olaf Scholz with her trip to give the go-ahead for the supply of military vehicles, she said that she “came here not only for this”, but admitted that the very fact of her visit and statements “may to have an influence”.

She stated that she did not understand the possible “concern” of the office that the appearance of German tanks in the combat zone would allegedly feed the propaganda myth of the Russian Federation that they were “fighting the Nazis.”

“We don’t need to fall prey to this Russian narrative. Ukrainians, who were especially hard hit by the Nazis <...>, see the Leopard as just a weapon,” she said, adding that for the Armed Forces of Ukraine “it doesn’t matter that the tank was made in Germany, – much more important than his fighting qualities. “

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According to her, “the old Soviet equipment is not even close to the quality of German tanks,” and the main battle tank of Germany, the Leopard 2, is of particular interest to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Because he is on a completely different level both in terms of his firepower, and in his qualities, and in his ability to influence Russian positions,” the deputy said.

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