Means of Transport Transport: Only one in three workers participated in Wednesday's strike -

Means of Transport Transport: Only one in three workers participated in Wednesday’s strike –

The facts that have come to light about the mass transport strike last Wednesday (9/21) that “paralyzed” Athens, creating many traffic problems, are revealing.

According to the data published today by the newspaper “Eleftheros Typos”, only one in three workers in the means of fixed orbit took part in the strike in which they pulled the handbrake tram, electric, metro, buses and trolley.

In more detail, according to the newspaper’s data, out of the total of 2,330 employees of STASY, 843 went on strike, 836 worked normally (these are administrative employees who are in offices, station masters, etc.) and 46 employees were declared as security personnel. Out of work but also out of strike were 605 employees who were absent on scheduled days off or on maternity, sick, or summer leaves.

The strike is illegal and abusive

It is recalled that the strike announced by the EKA and in which the 8 Workers’ Unions of STA.SY participated. was deemed illegal and abusive by the Single Member Court of First Instance of Athens.

The Administration of STA.SY. had appealed to the Court, filing a lawsuit, at noon on Tuesday 20/09/2022, which was heard the next day, Wednesday 21/09/2022, essentially when the strike had already ended.

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