Martin Rütter warns pregnant owner of her bitch: “It can be really tight”

With the Australian Shepherd bitch Chinook, going for a walk becomes a test of strength. Mum Christin is worried because she is expecting a child soon.

Dog walks are a nightmare for owners of Chinook Australian Shepherds. In the current episode of “Der Hundeprofi – Rütters Team” (Saturdays, 7:10 p.m. on VOX), trainer Sophie Grethe meets a massively stressed dog and her desperate people. “She’s calm at home, but outside she rages like crazy when we meet dogs,” complains Mum Christin. What will it be like once the baby is here? “My biggest fear is that Chinook will knock me down, maybe even with the stroller,” she fears.

Only three months remain for training, then the offspring will be there. “That can be really tight,” says VOX “dog professional” Martin Rütter. Because Chinook doesn’t know what to do with himself. “She’s so energetic, it can be dangerous,” warns Rütter. First, the canine professional and his trainer want to find out the cause of Chinook’s aggression towards other dogs.

Martin Rütter: “The dog believes that he has the responsibility in the group”

Test dogs are led past Sophie Grethe’s training grounds. Chinook reacts with loud barking and showing off. Master Andreas is also clearly limited. “They take care of you and drive away the other dog,” recognizes the dog trainer. The case is tricky in that the bitch wants to control her humans on the one hand and drive away “invaders” at the same time.

Martin Rütter: “The dog believes that he has the responsibility in the group. Chinook now has to learn that people don’t need a bodyguard.” Christin and Martin should take on more leadership and teach her to pay more attention to them. In addition to a “Look!” exercise, Chinook should also be accustomed to a muzzle and a safe harness. “It will be exhausting, but it will be good,” promises trainer Sophie Grethe.

Martin Rütter is enthusiastic about working with Chinook

After five weeks, the bitch wears her muzzle without hesitation. “My heart as a coach is on the rise!” says Sophie happily. And there are other major advances as well: Chinook follows much better with the new harness and already responds perfectly to the “Look” command. It’s going so well that a (still empty) stroller is included in the training so that the bitch can get used to it. A first dog encounter goes without freaking out, Chinook walks well at the side of master Andreas. He can hardly believe it: “Absolute madness! I’m a bit speechless,” he says with great delight.

At the next visit, Christin and Andreas’ baby is already with them during training. Through further diligent practice, Chinook now manages to pass other dogs without stress. Martin Rütter is enthusiastic: “Wow! Total nerds, great!” he praises the human-dog team. Not only Martin, but also Mrs. Christin can walk past the other dog with a pram – on a loose leash. Chinook’s mistress is very happy about the positive development: “She just hears, it’s so good for the soul,” she says with a smile.

Only Chinook’s archenemy, a local shepherd dog, cannot be passed by the dog without showing signs of stress. When the two dogs meet at the fence, Chinook’s rest is over. “There is still room for improvement,” suspects the dog professional. But if Christin and Martin keep at it, this dog encounter will soon be feasible, according to Martin Rütter’s prognosis. “When the child then graduates from high school, we’re ready,” he jokes.

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