Markus Söder at Maischberger: “I can say what I want!”

TV column: Markus Söder at Maischberger: “I can say what I want!”

Rarely has it been so easy to stay awake shortly before midnight on a German talk show. Sandra Maischberger and Bavaria’s Prime Minister deliver an exciting duel – it’s a good thing that the shots are only shot with words. In the end, the presenter sends the politician on a journey of no return. By FOCUS online author Josef Seitz.

Markus Söder doesn’t have to worry if politics doesn’t work out anymore. As a Mephisto actor, the Bavarian Prime Minister can be accommodated on any theater stage at any time – without having to put on a make-up for a long time beforehand. The CSU man is still fighting for his political career. And that violently. At a pinch against everyone. And certainly in such a way that he makes it extremely difficult for the moderator in the Wednesday talk “Maischberger”.

“Lock up, lock up, ban – this has to end!”

It’s about the big issues: Corona and the Oktoberfest, war and energy. The latter crisis is already here. The former threatens in nine days. Sandra Maischberger confronts the Bavarian Prime Minister with the assessment of a Munich virologist. The expert fears “synchronized super-spreading” with millions of infections in the Bavarian capital in just two weeks of festivals. “Let’s go to the mask-free Prime Minister,” Maischberger greets the CSU man and wants to know if he has switched from “Team Caution” directly to “Team Gaudi”. Söder still answers cautiously. He speaks of a “appropriate team – you should decide for yourself: everyone who wants to should go”. And he adds: “Block off, lock up, ban – that’s over.” That sounds like a new Corona Söder.

Energy brings Söder into high tension

And the energy Söder? Moderator Maischberger loads it up with her questions and gets him excited. A tried and tested remedy in these times of such radical change: quotes from the past. The moderator recalls the plea by the Bavarian Prime Minister against nuclear power in March last year. She also quotes him from January 2022. “Russia is a difficult partner,” Söder said a good six months ago, “but he is not an enemy of Europe.” Söder is now fighting for the continued operation of the nuclear power plants. “You can’t risk turning off the power to ten million homes. That’s why Habeck’s decision is wrong.”

The Economics Minister is not the only one Söder is addressing. Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP), Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD). Then Olaf Scholz (SPD), about whose recent Bundestag speech the Bavarian Prime Minister said: “I don’t think a screaming Chancellor is good.” Even for the previous Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer, Söder only has praise twisted almost to the point of toxicity when it comes to underground energy lines goes: “It wasn’t unwise at the time.”

When Maischberger tries at some point to force Söder back on the subject, he resolutely defends himself: “I can say what I want on the show!” And so the duel of words picks up speed. Answers “have to”, says Maischberger. Answers “can”, corrects Söder. Maischberger interjects “may” answer.

Old quotes? “At the moment the hut is on fire!”

It gets more violent when the moderator wants to quote the CSU politician Ilse Aigner on the subject of power lines. She fought for it and later said about her party: “Unfortunately, I didn’t get through with the facts.” It’s a quote from 2015. Ilse Aigner was environment minister at the time. “Is what you’re saying right now?” Söder leans forward towards the moderator. The corrected: Minister of Energy. “I just want to help,” grumbles Söder. “She seems to hit it,” says Maischberger again about the quote. “She seems to be annoyed that the research is wrong,” Söder blasphemes. And fundamentally defends himself against digging up old sentences: “You ask about history all the time – and at the moment the hut is on fire!”

Chancellor for a day? “I can not imagine that!”

It’s like in the days of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand: the words fly like bullets. “Imagine you were chancellor one day – what would you do?” Maischberger asks. “I can’t imagine that at all,” blocked the would-be chancellor candidate in the last election. It was only when the moderator repeated the question that Markus Söder accepted the invitation to his campaign demands for the home audience in Bavaria and started staccato: “Prolong nuclear power. Build terminals faster – also on the Baltic Sea. Hydrogen networks also in the south. No fixation on the north. Lower taxes. Massively reduce electricity tax. Reduce VAT on food. Rescue package for small and medium-sized businesses who think big.”

The model daughter? “That commands respect from me!”

The quick question round ends with the question about Söder’s daughter as a model on the front page of the women’s magazine “Vogue”. “That commands respect from me,” replies the Prime Minister with fatherly pride. Leaning against a tree? “It seems to be a family tradition.” And would Markus Söder choose Mars or the moon for a space flight? “Mars” is the goal he is aiming for. “Then you’ll never come back…”, Maischberger sounds almost a little hopeful after a devilishly heated discussion. However, hope is shattered. Finally, Matthias Maurer is also a guest, the twelfth German in space, who only returned to earth in May. And for him, Mars is not that far away.

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