Marie Crimebrery apologizes for not singing

Marie Crimebrery apologizes for not singing

A press conference dedicated to the II Russian National Creative Industries Award Russian Creative Awards (hereinafter referred to as the Awards) was held at TASS on October 5, 2022.

The event was attended by:

  • Deputy Head of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation for Public Projects Alexander Zhuravsky,
  • Head of Roscultcenter, Director of the Russian Creative Week Award and Forum Marina Abramova,
  • Representative of the Organizing Committee of the Prize, General Director of the Mosconcert Ilya Bachurin,
  • award ceremony director Yuri Kvyatkovsky
  • Member of the jury of the Prize, President of the Union of Designers of Russia Vitaly Stavitsky
  • Award jury member, head of the Skolkovo School of Management Alexander Kim.

During the press conference, the organizers and experts discussed the relevance of the Prize for the development of the creative industries, the creative concept of the awards ceremony and the course of the application campaign.

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Got the word first Alexander Zhuravskywho noted the significant role of the award in the development of the creative economy in Russia.

– The creative sphere is the sphere of rapidly changing technologies, – he said. – This is a large set of regulatory decisions on the part of the state. This is especially important now, in the context of the sanctions regime. Sanctions scare someone, but above all, this is a window of opportunity. Western companies are leaving, giving us opportunities for self-realization. Creative industries are, on the one hand, creativity and copyright, and on the other, business.

Alexander Zhuravsky also spoke about the transition of countries to a creative model of the economy, which provides jobs for more than 1% of the world’s population.

– Supports the trend and Russia, which 3 years ago increased the share of the creative sector in the economy to almost 2.5 trillion rubles, or 2% of the national GDP. Systematic state support for creative industries will make it possible to increase their share in the Russian economy to 6% by 2030, and the share of citizens employed in creative professions to 15%, he believes. – As for the Prize, it should be considered as another significant project supported by the state. The ceremony will be held for the second time at Zaryadye, on a site that is creative in itself. The novelty of 2022 will be that not only creative unions, creative companies and creative industries guilds will be able to nominate nominees: individual entrepreneurs will also be able to join them. The award allows us to identify heroes, the most talented and creative people… This is an effective mechanism that forms public initiatives, popularizes the industry and involves more and more people in it.

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Director premiums Marina Abramova said that in just a month of accepting applications, which will last in 2022 until October 16, over 600 applications from more than 50 regions of Russia were submitted for the award. Moscow, the Moscow region, Ulyanovsk, Krasnodar, Belgorod are the most active so far. One hundred experts will evaluate these applications initially, and then, 30 jury members will work with the long list.

– The increase in the number of applications by 20% compared to last year is largely due to the fact that now not only organizations, but also individuals can nominate projects. The competition is open to everyone. The award creates a foundation for the development of creative industries in Russia, forming a unique base of cross-industry projects and drawing attention to the best integration solutions in the field of art and creative business. The award nominees and their projects are, on the one hand, products of our cultural diversity, and, on the other hand, they demonstrate the most advanced modern technologies. We will surprise you even at the award ceremony itself: right now an opera about the creative industries is being prepared for it, with an exclusive libretto. It will be like nothing else,” she said.

Ilya Bachurin jpg

Ilya Bachurin, a representative of the organizing committee of the award, and Yuri Kvyatkovsky, theater director, spoke in more detail about the award ceremony.

– You will not see anything ordinary in our production of the opera. The head of the Persimfans orchestra, Petr Aidu, is responsible for the musical part, and the author of the libretto is Mikhail Degtyarev, who put our disparate thoughts into a literary form and set out in beautiful words. The artistic idea and the whole action are conceived and created by the currently strongest team of specialists – as a single relevant multi-genre work in which the distant past meets the future. Of course, like last year’s performance, the 2022 awards ceremony will not be complete without world-class star names,” he promisedIlya Bachurin.

Yurii Kvyatkovskii onlain jpg

Yuri Kvyatkovsky admitted that the artistic part of the performance will be built on an innovative solution: all nominations, presentations of nominees and awards will be dressed in the form of a modern opera, consisting of both classical and modern fragments.

– We, the creators of the ceremony, are inspired by antiquity as a starting point. Almost every creative direction in Ancient Greece had its own patron, its own deity. In our structure of the opera performance, it is precisely such characters that will greet the nominees and laureates. We want to build a Pantheon – but not a conventional one, not so much a semantic one, but a real one, consisting of physical objects. Each winner of the award will be presented as a special object, – shared the organizer. – The musical material itself is also created specifically for this event. Author’s music is being actively written, which will be performed by an orchestra of folk instruments and a choir. Opera soloists and a choreographic troupe will also take part in the production.

Vitalii Stavitskii jpg

The importance and relevance of the award was also emphasized by the President of the Union of Designers of Russia, Vice President of the Expert Council of the Creative Industries Agency Vitaly Stavitsky:

– The creative sphere has received a lot of attention in our country in recent years. She is given serious support, in particular, by the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives. According to the latest data, more than 20% of the economically active residents of our country, one way or another, connect their activities with the creative industries, and design and architecture are leading in them. The Russian National Award in the field of creative industries is the most important event for business and representatives of the creative industries in the current political and economic situation. Every year, creative industries occupy an increasing segment of the Russian economy, and more and more specialists begin to associate themselves with them. This gives a serious impetus to the formation of a modern intellectual society.

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Head of the Skolkovo School of Management Alexander Kim noted the high relevance of the Prize for the creative community of Russia and the country as a whole.

– Creative industries make a significant contribution to the GDP, the country’s economy. At the same time, this is a set of intellectually intensive industries with a serious educational component. Despite turbulent and difficult times, I am sure that these industries will remain the driver of social development. The award is very important and relevant – it allows the general public to show examples of the best projects in the field of creative industries implemented in Russia. Such projects, in turn, can become a reference point for many entrepreneurs and companies,” he stressed.

The organizers also announced the nominations in which the Prize will be awarded:

  • “Person of the Year”,
  • “Patron of the Year”
  • “Discovery of the Year”
  • “Digital Project”
  • “Educational project”,
  • “Creative Space of the Year”,
  • “Cultural Code”
  • “Event of the Year”
  • “Creative Region”
  • “Creative social project”.

Safronov 9 foto Ekaterina Chichetkina jpg

Editor-in-chief of InterMedia news agency Evgeny Safronov drew attention to this, that there are fewer nominations than the creative industries themselves, and they are tied more to the creators themselves than to the types of their projects and their success.

– But the concept of “creative industries” in itself has a very specific international definition, – said the expert. – These are industries made up of organizations and people that are focused on profit. It is clear that it is quite difficult for us in Russia now. But we know that in these industries there are already organizations that bring profit – don’t you think that it is worth celebrating them somehow, introducing nominations for those who have already achieved something in their field?

In response, Marina Abramova suggested understanding the concepts:

– If we are talking about international terminology, then you are right that the creative industry is a sector of the economy, the core of which is intellectual property or creative business. If we are talking about industries, then we adopted 14 of them, but following the results of two years of work, it was decided to expand their number. For example, publishing and journalism were separated, which are really different areas. In the Discovery of the Year nomination, for example, any of the 16 industries that we have in the segment can win. In addition, there are no restrictions on commercial or public projects in our nominations.

Alexander Zhuravsky added that since the Award is cross-industry, the number of its nominations does not have to coincide with the number of creative industries, but all nominations are somehow related to the creative economy, the success of certain businesses is necessarily taken into account.

Alexander Kim also drew attention to the fact that creative industries are increasingly penetrating each other (for example, computer effects in cinema or IT solutions in gastronomy), so he considers the cross-industry nature of the Prize to be the right decision.

InterMedia reminds that the award ceremony will take place in the Zaryadye Concert Hall in the format of a unique opera production on December 1, 2022.

The collection of applications from participants will last until mid-October on the official website of the Prize.

Denis Stupnikov, InterMedia

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