Malaise within the Judicial Police: in Marseille, the director of the PJ of the South zone dismissed from his functions

Malaise within the Judicial Police: in Marseille, the director of the PJ of the South zone dismissed from his functions

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The judicial police of the southern zone of France changes its director. Éric Arella is replaced by Dominique Abbenanti. The police demonstrated against the reform of the PJ Thursday throughout France.

The boss of the judicial police in the southern zone of France, Eric Arella, was dismissed from his post on Friday, announced the general direction of the national police (DGPN), the day after a demonstration in Marseille against the reform of the PJ.

“It’s a shame, we make him wear the hat. He has always been loyal. And it is almost all the officials who are against this reform”, wanted by the government, said a PJ source in Marseille. . Éric Arella notably piloted investigations into narcobanditry from Perpignan to Nice, via Marseille, one of the cities most affected by this scourge.

Spontaneous rally of support today

“He is blamed for the officers’ coup yesterday,” commented another local police source, referring to a “highly respected” man. Dozens of police gathered this Friday spontaneously at the foot of the police station. Thursday, some 200 officers of the PJ had demonstrated in front of the Evêché, the police station in Marseilles, on the occasion of the arrival of the director general of the national police (DGPN), Frédéric Veaux.

On leaving the meeting, Frédéric Veaux crossed the halls in an icy atmosphere, forced to split a hedge of demonstrators arms crossed and silent, according to a video which had been transmitted Thursday.

A disputed reform within the police

The reform of the PJ arouses enormous reluctance within the institution but also on the side of justice. Carried by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin and Frédéric Veaux, the project plans to place all the police services of a department – intelligence, public security, border police (PAF) and judicial police (PJ) – under the authority of a single Departmental Director of the National Police (DDPN), reporting to the prefect.

Eric Arella, who will leave for the IGPN from Monday, is replaced by Dominique Abbenanti, currently security attaché in Algiers, we added on the side of the DGPN.

Support rally at 5:00 p.m. everywhere in France

In support of Éric Arella, rallies of PJ police officers will be organized at 5:00 p.m. this Friday everywhere in France, indicates RMC.

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