Macron believes India and China can be persuaded to help stop Putin - 'need respect'

Macron believes India and China can be persuaded to help stop Putin – ‘need respect’

French President Emmanuel Macron believes that China, India and other countries, with a “respectful” approach to them, will accept Western arguments that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s aggression must be stopped. He stated this in an interview with CNN, when asked if he sees any hints that China or India are leaning towards resisting authoritarian regimes – “is there any hope?”

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“I believe there is hope. I think [в общении с Китаем, Индией и другими], we must be very respectful, avoid mentoring and say that we are “on the good side of history.” I think that with a lot of respect, we could try to understand their position, what they believe, what their feelings are, and then we can convince them,” the French president said.

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Macron stressed that “these guys are different from us,” but “all together, being respectful, we can work, because the world order, peace, climate change, food security are at stake.”

“All this can be fixed if we cooperate – the US, Europe, China, India, Asia-Pacific, Africa,” he said.

  • China and India have not condemned Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
  • In August, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Russia, whose army is committing various war crimes in the war to destroy Ukraine, including launching rocket attacks on cities and torturing and killing civilians, “is playing an active and constructive role in combating the threat of terrorism.”
  • Chinese Foreign Ministry on fake referendums of occupiers in Ukraine – “all countries deserve respect for their territorial integrity.”

  • China reacted to the mobilization in Russia and called for “dialogue and consultations”.

  • On September 21, at the UN General Assembly, the French leader said that those who “remain silent about the new imperialism or are secretly involved in it demonstrate a new cynicism that destroys the global order.”

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