Love is in the meadow: Laurence not at all comfortable in the spa with Jean, amused internet users

Love is in the meadow: Laurence not at all comfortable in the spa with Jean, amused internet users

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In the new episode of “Love is in the meadow”, Monday evening on M6, several farmers made their choice between the two suitors who came to stay on the farm.

The viewers had left Jean, the Beaujolais cow breeder, on the dance floor greedily kissing Laurence, under the eyes of Nathalie. Back on the farm, in the episode aired Monday evening on M6, Nathalie let Jean know that she hadn’t liked it at all. “You could have avoided doing it in front of me like that”. Jean’s answer: “I made a choice, that’s how it is”.

Jean and Laurence’s clog joins Alain pretender in the elements of my nightmares. I was not ready??? #adp2022 #adp #ADP22

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As soon as she reached the farm, Nathalie went to lock herself in her room. It was out of the question for her to go down to eat when Jean came to pick her up. “I’m not going down to hold the candle”. Eat no, drink yes. She finally joined Jean and Laurence for a meal without a word in an icy atmosphere. “You hurt me. I have too many balls, I have too much of a demon,” assured Nathalie, a swimming pool employee in Isère. The next morning, after a quick coffee at breakfast, she left by taxi. “Thank you for your steps,” said Jean.

Once together, Jean and Laurence – more comfortable – took hands and went for a walk with donkeys. They then went to a winery equipped with a spa. The opportunity to enjoy a moment of relaxation for two. Laurence was very embarrassed in the middle of the water bubbles. A moment that amused many Internet users.

#ADP22 hold on Laurence you want to laugh shoot my finger

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Rooooh so good ❤️? Jean & Laurence #ADP22 #ADP

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#adp #adp2022 #ADP2022 #ADP22 Jean-Edouard and Laurence Loana

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Alone with Jean, Laurence recognizes in front of the camera: “We are accomplices. The crush is confirmed”. Jean is on the same wavelength: “We fit well. We are well synchronized”.

Where are the other farmers?

Alain the farmer from Allier, who welcomes Jean-Noël and Alain to his farm, experienced a moment of tension at the restaurant between his two suitors who openly argued in public. Undecided, at the end of the market, he finally chose Alain despite his strong character and announced his choice to Jean-Noël. Very emotional, Jean-Noël cried.

Pour Alexandre, farmer in Normandy, the choice was made. Laura, too emotional for her taste, packed her bags. He prefers Anaïg. They exchanged a long kiss in the tractor… which was still rolling in the field!

Jean-Paul, the Beaujolais winemaker, continues the stay on the farm with his two suitors: Daivy Switzerland and Valérie whom he has known for ten years. A meal was organized with Jean-Paul’s daughter – registered this year on the show but left empty-handed – and her friends.

Agnès, master brewer in Meurthe-et-Moselle, chose Eric and Christian even if he did not have a crush on the two. She invited them to a party with 300 people. Agnès had fun and danced while the two men served beers. They were then able to dance with her.

Nadège, equine inseminator in Ille-et-Vilaine, welcomed her two suitors Maxime and Corentin into her home. The two men were able to witness the birth of a foal.

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