Lot: The Agricultural Museum of Salviac in the lens of France 2

Lot: The Agricultural Museum of Salviac in the lens of France 2

After TF1, the filmmaker André Clamagirand and Échappée belle, Benoit Jouclar, known as “the passionate”, welcomed Thursday, September 8, a very friendly team from France-Télévision at the Museum.
Marie-Candice Delouvrié, correspondent for France 2 in Toulouse, accompanied by François Guinle, JRI (journalist reporter of images) for France 2, arrived at the beginning of the morning in order to carry out a report intended for a series of several episodes of the newspaper of 1 p.m., dedicated to mechanical enthusiasts.
While his faithful collaborator and friend Alain Fournier, known as “Mac Gyver”, a volunteer just as madly passionate as him, welcomed tourists wishing to make the free visit, Benoit, in traditional costume and wooden clogs, took the two reporters with a group of visitors throughout the 6000m² circuit specially designed for everyone’s comfort.
Marie-Candice and her sidekick, camera in hand, reviewed military vehicles of yesteryear, unusual tractors, passing through a surprising collection of motorcycles and other bicycles. Benoit graced them with amazing demonstrations; tractor start-ups, cars, fixed engines, hand-crank launches, torch preheating, so many unusual attractions including the singular large BI and the giant bicycle, a unique specimen in France.
He rode them in turn, in particular the big “bi”, with which, pursued by Leyco, his faithful Australian shepherd, whose role is to pretend to try to bring him down, he offered the public a circus act breathtaking acrobatics. After a hearty and delicious lunch of local flavors offered by Benoit and carefully prepared by Bernadette, a precious volunteer, our two journalists had the opportunity to examine the Museum’s workshops, before setting off for a ride, camera on their shoulder, on board. of the famous Ford A from 1928. They thus discovered the village of Salviac, driven by the enthusiast still in local costume.
This series should be broadcast during the week of September 19 to 23, subject to news that could upset the schedule. The museum is still open non-stop every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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