“Looking for apartment or house”: Stéphane Plaza to the rescue of a mythical couple from “Love is in the meadow”

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In an episode of “Recherche appartement ou maison”, broadcast on M6 on Friday evening September 16, Stéphane Plaza will come to the aid of a mythical couple from another cult show on the channel: “Love is in the meadow”.

It’s a real cross-over that M6 is unveiling this Friday evening, September 16. In an issue of Search apartment or houseStéphane Plaza moves mountains to find the ideal home for Hervé and Stéphanie, reports 20Minutes.

This emblematic couple from the 16th season of Love is in the meadow had a crush during the speed-dating. Although they moved in together last year, they hope to find their dream property.

“We made life difficult at Stéphane Plaza!”

But the demands of the couple are not the least and the couple admits it to our colleagues: “We had a hard time at Stéphane Plaza!”. Hervé’s criterion was a proximity of less than 7 km to his farm, located in a commune of Hauts-de-France, in Courcelles-sous-Thoix. While Stéphanie “absolutely wanted a bathroom and a bedroom on the ground floor”.

This is how, between November and February, the cameras of Search apartment or house went to the Somme to follow the adventures of the couple, Stéphane Plaza… and Karine Le Marchand!

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A marriage proposal

Without revealing too much, the good fairy of the farmers also made the trip to go around the owner and attend an unexpected event since it was Hervé’s marriage proposal to Stéphanie.

The farmer told 20 Minutes that he took advantage “of the fact that mom is not there to do it in a small committee. Later I made my request again in front of my parents away from the cameras.”

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With a budget of 245,000 euros, will the two lovers find their cozy nest? The certainty is that they have at least already found love.

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