Lily James takes a look at Pakistani wedding traditions in 'What's It About Love?' trailer

Lily James takes a look at Pakistani wedding traditions in ‘What’s It About Love?’ trailer

The first trailer of the film “What’s the love?” (What’s Love Got To Do With It?) was released on September 7, 2022 by Studiocanal International.

The main character Zoe (Lily James) is a documentary filmmaker obsessed with dating apps. But they do nothing to improve her personal life, but only add to the list of “wrong” men, to the horror of her eccentric mother Kat (Emma Thompson). Zoya’s childhood friend and neighbor Kaza (Shazad Latif), although he lives in modern Britain, is going to start a family in the traditional way: by conspiracy of his parents, to find a beautiful bride in Pakistan. Zoe decides to accompany him on this trip from London to Lahore to film a documentary. While traveling and communicating with Kaza and his family, the girl wonders if she can learn something from a completely different approach to finding love and what prevents her from becoming happy.

The film, directed by Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth, Golden Age), also starred Taj Atwal, Azim Chaudhry, Oliver Chris, Noshin Phoenix, Shabana Azmi, Nikkita Chadha and others.

Premiere “What does love have to do with it?” will take place in September at the Toronto Film Festival, and it will be released worldwide in January 2023.

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