Klelia Andriolatou: I found out that I got the role in

Klelia Andriolatou: I found out that I got the role in “Maestro” from TV |

The protagonist of “Maestro”, Clelia Andriolatou, gave an interview, revealing, among other things, how she found out that she got the role.

The young actress stated that she had already gone through a few auditions without anyone telling her that she had been hired and she saw the news on TV.

“I found out I got the role from TV […] I heard them say “Klelia Andriolatou is the new muse of Christoforos Papakaliatis” and I immediately called Elena Christopoulou and told her “they probably took me for the role”” he said speaking to Mega.

Apart from these, the actress also spoke in a more personal tone referring to the role that relationships play in her life.

“My relationships are something that shapes me. My first big relationship taught me a lot. It made me who I am. I now see relationships in a more companionable way, not with madness. Love is a great inspiration,” he said, among other things.

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