Kim Jong-un is assured that the DPRK did not sell shells to Russia, the US is "advised to shut up"

Kim Jong-un is assured that the DPRK did not sell shells to Russia, the US is “advised to shut up”

North Korea, which at least politically supports occupying power Russia in a war to destroy Ukraine, says it did not send it artillery shells. This was stated by an unnamed official in Pyongyang to the propaganda Central News Agency of the DPRK.

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According to the text written by the deputy general director of the Main Directorate of Technology of the Ministry of National Defense of the DPRK, “Recently, the United States and other hostile forces have been talking about” violating the resolution “of the UN Security Council, spreading” a rumor about arms deals “between the DPRK and Russia.”

He noted that the development, production, possession of military equipment, as well as its export and import “are the legal right of a sovereign state, and no one has the right to criticize it.”

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“It is not known where the rumors spread by the United States came from, but they are aimed at tarnishing the image of the DPRK. <...> We have never exported weapons or ammunition to Russia before and do not plan to export them,” he said and added, that “the sanctions resolution of the UN Security Council against the DPRK was concocted by the United States and its vassal forces.”

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un “condemned the US for thoughtlessly spreading rumors against the DPRK” and “warned the US to keep its mouth shut.”

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