Jörg Pilawa on the TV show “Back to School”: “Something went wrong for me. Now I’m with SAT.1”

Did everyone at their station like to hear that? Jörg Pilawa opens his quiz “Back to School” with a look back at his own life. elementary school done. Middle maturity too. Plus the high school diploma. “And then a lot went wrong,” the moderator then adds: “Now I’m with SAT.1.” One wonders what could have gone wrong with the candidates. Kristina Schröder goes to school, the former family minister. Presenter Sonya Kraus brings a child’s photo to the show. And she explains the wooden clogs by saying that they could be used to kick the older students particularly effectively where they really made an impression. “We were only two girls in the class,” the 49-year-old explains her woody contributions to the women’s quota 43 years ago.

SAT.1 show “Back to School”: Perfect invitation to self-disgrace

In fact, “Back to School” is a quiz format that hurts – the candidates. After all, there is hardly a worse invitation to self-embarrassment than having to present oneself in front of a large audience with little basic school knowledge. Sonya Kraus is to subtract the number 777 from 3434. Already in the second place she miscalculates, “because Mr. Pilawa distracted you”, the assessing teacher gives her a second chance. That’s the end of the big multiplication tables. Zero points. Nevertheless, the acting student convinces.

Martin Semmelrogge: “I was hardly at school”

“I hardly ever went to school,” admits Martin Semmelrogge, 66. The retired Waldorf student is spoiled. He gets English as the first test subject – “that’s actually my favorite language,” he says. And then art. Not a bad combination for an actor. He’s bringing Regine Prause, his fiancee. “My wife,” Semmelrogge emphasizes her importance. It’s harder for him to play musical instruments. The fact that the saxophone counts as a woodwind instrument is new to him. And he doesn’t know that a violin bow is made of horse hair. To be precise: from the tails of stallions. The fact that this has to do with peeing forward and that the male ponytail is spared from destroying urine is at least knowledge that viewers can use to score points at party talk in the future. It’s still enough for a “satisfactory”.

Kristina Schröder calculates “better than some finance ministers” on the SAT.1 show

“I liked going to school,” Kristina Schröder remembers. However, the children are interested in a completely different question: “How did you come up with the idea of ​​becoming a celebrity?” However, Schröder does not see himself as a celebrity. She was just interested in politics, she tells the students. Politics is actually about working for others. However, Schröder’s mother brings testimonials to the show. And it shows a different picture of little Kristina: “You still have to learn to put your own wishes and needs aside,” you can read there. Then Mrs. Doctor Schröder has to devote herself to the elementary school questions. She should write ten question words on the blackboard. The mother of three children does well with the W-words. Kristina Schröder finishes German with a “very good”. But she also got a five when she was at school – in physics, reports the former family minister.

Switch to math. What is 4788 divided by 12? “You can calculate better than some finance ministers,” moderator Pilawa praises the result of 399. A clear “very good” in math too. Two times one! “It’s never happened before,” Pilawa marvels – and, as a precaution, regrets the next examinee. This is rapper and actor Eko Fresh, who also admits he wasn’t a particularly good student. The now 38-year-old left school shortly before his Abitur. And as a school returnee? A five in German does not adorn the speech artist very much. A friendly three in expertise balances out a bit. This is how 1/1-Schröder, 2/1-Kraus, 3/3-Semmelrogge and 5/3-Fresh start the written exam at the end. And the order is confirmed – women are simply the better students.

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