John Waters to direct his first film in 18 years

John Waters to direct his first film in 18 years

Garry Bardin became the hero of the next issue of the YouTube show “Tell Gordeeva*”. The premiere took place on October 6, 2022.

– We came to Harry Yakovlevich when it became completely scary and sick. As the younger comes to the elder for consolation. And Harry Bardin was not afraid to accept us, – the description of the video says.

The famous director and animator told Katerina Gordeeva (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) how the events of his childhood spent during the Great Patriotic War (he was born in 1941) resonate with what is happening in Russia since February 24 this year, about his Kyiv roots and relatives who died in Babi Yar, his father, who returned from Stalingrad, his attitude to Lenin and Stalin, the “Thaw” and the experience of democracy in Russia.

Bardin admitted why he was ashamed to be afraid to tell the truth, what is the harm of television for the younger generation, remembered his studies at the Moscow Art Theater School, explained his refusal to work at the Disney studio and the reluctance to leave Russia in the 1990s and now, and also shared the details of his new film “Ave Maria”. In the program, you can see fragments of the latest animation works of the director “Adagio” and “The Ugly Duckling”.

*recognized as a foreign agent

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