Jerry Lee Lewis has died

Jerry Lee Lewis has died

Rock’n’roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis has died at the age of 87. The singer and pianist’s death was announced by his spokesman, Zach Farnum, two days after media reports that he had “passed away” were denied.

“His seventh wife was by his side when he passed, at his home in Mississippi. In the last few days he had told her that he welcomed the afterlife and that he was not afraid,” his representative said in a statement. “In the last years of his life he was plagued by various illnesses and injuries that doctors often said should have been taken decades ago.

He had abused his body so much as a young man that he had little chance of reaching middle age, let alone old age. “He’s ready to go,” his wife said, just before he breathed his last,” the announcement added. his first piano.He was expelled from the evangelical school he attended for playing music that was considered profane.He did not continue his education and began performing live at 14, starting with car dealership openings.

Jerry lee lewis on touring with elvis Johnny cash carl perkins

Jerry Lee Lewis on touring with Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins

With songs like “Great Balls of Fire” and his theatrical style he established himself in the rock’n’roll scene, of which he was one of the pioneers. Some of his first recordings in 1956 were with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins.

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At the height of his fame, during a tour of Britain in 1958, he was embroiled in scandal when it was revealed that he had married his 13-year-old cousin, Myra Brown. This was the third of seven marriages he had. The rest of his UK tour was cancelled, while he was blacklisted by radio stations and concert promoters in the US.

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Gradually his popularity declined and since then his song has not entered the US Top 20 again. Another infamous moment of his was when – during a tour – he didn’t want Chuck Berry to come out after him. So he set his piano on fire after his performance and said, “Follow that, boy.”

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In 1976 he was arrested when he showed up drunk at Presley’s Graceland with a loaded gun in his car. Along the way he switched to country music, where he had some success. In 1986 he was one of the first 10 inducted into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, along with Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and others.

satisfaction i anekdoti ermineia apo tous rori gkalaxer kai tzeri li liouis

Rory Gallagher and Jerry Lee Lewis

He has recorded 40 studio albums, the most recent of which was Rock & Roll Time, released in 2014. His previous record, Mean Old Man, reached the US Top 30 in 2010. It featured duets with stars including Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton.

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