Jean-François Bernardini, spokesperson for non-violence

Jean-François Bernardini, spokesperson for non-violence

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They were 160 to have reserved their place at the Georges-Leygues theater, mainly schoolchildren from the territory, to attend Jean-François Bernadini’s conference on non-violence.

A table, a computer, a small tree, a jackal, a giraffe, a sheep… And a man: Jean-François Bernardini. His name rhymes with his Corsican singing group, I Muvrini. And if he is known for having surveyed the national and international scenes, for 10 years he has to his credit 500 conferences in schools, colleges, high schools or prisons to explain to everyone, of all ages and all conditions the basic precepts of nonviolence, nonviolent communication (NVC), theorized by the psychologist Marshall Rosenberg (see box).

An opening on ecology

Jean-François Bernardini takes the stage. “But before introducing myself, I would like to introduce you to my best friend, our best friend, and the best of air conditioners. The Indians call him “The Upright People. And don’t forget that for each of us to be able to breathe every day, we need 10 trees”. Yes, non-violent communication also involves respecting nature and biodiversity. which is inscribed in the singer’s speech. Then come the presentations, “I Muvrine means little mouflon, an inhabitant of the Corsican mountains. And we are going to enter a new world, that of non-violence. I’m not here to give you a moral lesson, but to talk to you. To explain to you that having desire and having self-confidence allows you to achieve almost anything.

From a biology class to bullying

Description of the 3 levels of the brain, “the reptilian, the emotion and the thought. Our brain is capable of the best as well as the worst. It’s just a story, like for computers but much more powerful, of programming”. And often take to task the young people seated at the foot of the stage. “You’re not just anyone, neither are you, neither are you. Nobody is anyone”. To often take the example of previous conferences, like Vlad’s story, many meetings, like the homeless who really missed one, to be able to shake hands with people. To arrive at the methods of Marshall Rosenberg with 3 stuffed animals and their languages: the jackal and his reptilian speech, the giraffe which has the biggest heart and the sheep, which stupidly follows. With always at the bottom of the speech the principle of empathy, to feel what can feel. And with the writing on the frontispiece of this world of non-violence: don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you.

Who is Marshall Rosenberg?

In 1961, Marshall Rosenberg received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Wisconsin. He wrote many books. He was inspired by Carl Rogers and Gandhi. Marshall Rosenberg is at the origin of a movement which today bears the name of CNV (non-violent communication) in France and NVC in English-speaking countries and which offers a simple methodology to learn to communicate without violence (and not without anger). The concept of NVC is based on four fundamentals: OSBD, observation, feeling, need, demand, these four pillars constitute the foundation of NVC and are directly related to empathy, deep listening and empathy for oneself. -even.Beyond the methodology, Marshall Rosenberg offers an attitude, a way of life that upsets paradigms and allows a new language with which everyone can give themselves the maximum chance of obtaining what they want.Marshall Rosenberg leaves behind a global NVC network that acts to spread this process of social change and peace.

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