“It was better to stop there”: Gims explains why Sexion d’Assaut’s album is finally canceled

The album was supposed to go on sale in May. His release has been postponed. It is finally cancelled. “The Return of the Kings”, yet eagerly awaited by fans of Sexion d’Assaut, “will not happen”, announced this Friday Gims to RTL. The full interview will be broadcast on October 9, but the radio has released an excerpt.

“We started off with a success, which was The Apogee (their last album, released in 2012). We’ve sold over a million. Putting the belt back into play after a course like that, you have to think about it. With this tour, it allowed us to see that it was better to stop there, ”explained the singer.

“The Return of the Kings” was to be available on May 14, on the occasion of the great reunion tour of the group Sexion d’Assaut. The album does exist, pieces have been recorded. But “we did not agree on all the sounds, there was not the same magic and it was out of the question to take such a big risk”, developed Gims, evoking the “fear of chipping the legend “.

“I was ready to take it out and I retracted”

“I was ready to do it. I was ready to release it,” the singer acknowledged. “Then I backed off. Black M recanted. Others (group members) wanted to release it. It yelled, it shouted, because we are a group of friends, and in the end, we decided not, ”continued Gims.

Separated in 2013, the group enjoyed resounding success in the 2010s, notably with the album “L’École des points vitals” (March 2010). After the release of “L’Apogée” in 2012, the members of Sexion d’Assaut all decided to embark on a solo career. Their return to the stage this year was “moving”, Gims told RTL.

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