Iran: French visitors invited to leave the country “as soon as possible”

Iran: French visitors invited to leave the country “as soon as possible”

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs is worried. It urges this Friday evening all its nationals to leave Iran. The French “passing through Iran are invited to leave the country as soon as possible”, warns the Quai d’Orsay.

“Any French visitor, including binationals, is exposed to a high risk of arrest, arbitrary detention and unfair trial”, indicates the ministry, specifying that “this risk also concerns people making a simple tourist visit”, and that “in the event of arrest or detention, respect for fundamental rights and the safety of persons are not guaranteed”.

A reaction that echoes the broadcast on Thursday by the Iranian television channel al-Alam of a video showing two people, speaking French, who claim to be agents of the DGSE (General Directorate of External Security). They introduce themselves as Cécile Kohler and Jacques Paris, two Frenchmen arrested in Iran last May. “Confessions” whose spontaneity we can legitimately doubt and which invite Paris to be cautious for its other nationals.

“Inhuman” conditions of detention

This Friday the families of the couple arrested for five months also denounced “inhuman conditions of detention for fallacious reasons”, with “unimaginable psychological pressure”. And expressed their dismay: “We are devastated, exhausted and terrified”, write the relatives of Jacques Paris and Cécile Kohler in a press release, claiming to be “without any news” from their relatives. The latter also fear that the couple will be “kept in isolation with the only human contact being that of their jailers and interrogators”. Still according to these families, Jacques Paris and Cécile Kohler are “deprived of lawyers and consular access is constantly denied to them”. A situation which undoubtedly explains the call to leave Iran made this Friday evening by France.

Video. In Iran, protests continue and repression grows

This Friday, the Iranian authorities affirmed that the death of Mahsa Amini had not been caused by “blows” but by the sequelae of an illness, three weeks after the start of the demonstrations triggered by the death of the young woman in detention.

Arrested on September 13 by the morality police in Tehran for not respecting the strict dress code for women in Iran, this 22-year-old Iranian Kurd died three days later in hospital. Activists claimed she suffered a head injury while in detention. The Iranian authorities have denied any physical contact between the police and the young woman and said they are awaiting the results of the investigation. His death sparked a protest movement in the country, with Iranian women in the front line, as well as solidarity rallies around the world.

The demonstrations, the largest since those of 2019 against the rise in the price of gasoline, were strongly repressed. At least 92 people have been killed since September 16, according to the Oslo-based NGO Iran Human Rights (IHR), while an official report puts around 60 dead, including 12 members of the security forces.

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