iphone 14 pro, iPhone 14 Pro: 8 σενάρια όπου απενεργοποιείται η always-on οθόνη

iPhone 14 Pro: 8 scenarios where the always-on screen is disabled

New support document with additional details about the new always-on display feature for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max published by Apple.

It lists eight scenarios in which the always-on feature is temporarily disabled.

In order to save battery, Apple says the screen turns off completely when:

  • The iPhone is placed with the screen facing down
  • It’s in your pocket or bag
  • sleep focus is on
  • Low power mode is enabled
  • iPhone is connected to CarPlay
  • You are using Continuity Camera
  • You haven’t used your iPhone in a while
  • Your iPhone detects that you’ve moved away from it thanks to your Apple Watch

According to Apple, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max can learn your “activity patterns” and turn the always-on display on and off accordingly.

Pro models can drop to a refresh rate of up to 1Hz to ensure that operation will not significantly affect battery life. Apple claims that the always-on display uses multiple co-processors in the A16 Bionic chip to refresh the display using “minimum power”, making the display “incredibly energy efficient”.

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