Interior Minister Faeser:

Interior Minister Faeser: “We see increased migration – also to Germany” – Newsicon

BInterior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) is concerned about the significantly increasing number of refugees coming to Germany via the Balkans. Apparently, many of the migrants entered the Serbian capital Belgrade, also via the airport there, and then made their way to Germany, Faeser told the Newsicon news channel on Tuesday. She announced talks with Serbia about “why migration has suddenly increased”.

“We see increased migration via the Czech Republic, via Austria – also to Germany,” said the minister. “I’ve already talked to my two colleagues about what we can do together.”

Faeser showed understanding for the appeals by Saxony’s Interior Minister Armin Schuster (SPD), who had spoken of a sharp increase in the number of refugees. “That’s right what Saxony is observing,” said Faeser. “We have been observing this for two weeks now and are already taking action to redirect the movement there as well.”

The federal government is helping with the accommodation with state-owned real estate, said the interior minister. “So far we still have sufficient capacity, but it’s very tight.” That’s why she invited the municipal umbrella organizations to her ministry to talk about how to proceed.

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