In Toulouse, spend an hour of happiness with Tabita Berglund at the head of the Orchester du Capitole

In Toulouse, spend an hour of happiness with Tabita Berglund at the head of the Orchester du Capitole

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For the first “Happy Hour” of the season, Saturday October 8, at the Halle aux Grains, the Norwegian Tabita Berglund will conduct the Capitole in works by Wagner and Sibelius.

The Orchester National du Capitole de Toulouse opens its “Happy Hour” program this Saturday, October 8, the idea of ​​which is to entrust prominent conductors with the direction of the ONCT to introduce the widest public to the “hits”. from the classical repertoire. To launch the season, the young and very talented Norwegian chef Tabita Berglund will take the audience to her native Scandinavia, making a short detour to nearby Germany. With the Prelude and the death of Isolde in the famous “Tristan and Isolde” by Wagner and Symphony No. 1 by Sibelius, we are promised an evening full of emotions.

“Tristan and Isolde, it’s like a drug”

“Tristan is like a drug,” exclaims Tabita Berglund. As soon as we discover this extraordinary music, we become really addicted to it! I am 100% behind this concept proposed by the Orchester du Capitole to propose to discover major works of the classical repertoire and, for someone who does not know Wagner, this piece is undoubtedly an excellent gateway. I think that transmitting the heritage and the history of the classical repertoire is something that we conductors must constantly. As for Sibelius, what can I say? This work is sumptuous, one of my favorites. He was very young when he composed it and we hear a composer ready to conquer the world. It is a very energetic work, full of life and power – it was also very inspired by Wagner, which is why this program is, in my opinion, a very good choice. »

This is the first time that the appointed conductor of the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra in southern Norway has conducted the ONCT and the first rehearsal delighted the Scandinavian: “It’s a very fine team. They are very convincing in their energy: I looked at the faces and only saw engaging and infectious smiles. I felt a real warmth and a great enthusiasm – I can’t wait to be at the concert! In the meantime, Tabita will continue to walk the streets of Toulouse, which she finds very beautiful, and perhaps have a good dish of cassoulet near the Capitole: she tasted it, she loved it!

Saturday October 8 at 6 p.m. at the Halle aux grains (1, place Dupuy), Toulouse. Prices from €17 to €22 / €5 (- 27 years old). Tel.05 61 63 13 13 (

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